Thursday, August 28, 2014

Under The Influence

I've been listening to a lot of experimental music lately, it's not only party and dancefloor shite but yea, that's what I get more bookings for.. 

So I thought I'd share another mix with a lot of amazing music that came out but needs more attention I think.

This is not for the faint hearted and preferably listened to on a good soundsystem or with headphones.. 

Dig in

Helm - Analogues
Jack Dice - Low Glo
Yves De Mey - Disperse
Millie & Andrea - Back Down
Lee Gamble - Mimas Skank
Dopplereffekt - Zygote
Aymeric de Tapol - Temple Gauche
Demdike Stare - 40 Years Under The Cosh
Cloud Boat - Amber Road (The Haxan Cloak rmx)
ADMX-71 - Disentangle Me
Sendai - Isobaric 3
Laraaji - Space (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel version)
Demdike Stare - Past Majesty

Recorded in The Dungeon - August 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Urban Jungle - GC Elzenhof - Thu. 28th of August

This Thursday, the 28th of August I'll be making my appearance over at 'Café Congé' at GC Elzenhof at the closing chapter of this running series. This event has the theme 'Urban Jungle', some of you might think that's a perfect fit for me but I'll be doing something rather smooth, calm, dubby and definitely child friendly. 

All this during the afternoon.. 15h -> 18h, so if you don't know what to do with your kids on one of the last days of this year's summer holiday, just bring them to Elsene / Ixelles, they'll have a blast.. That's a promise!

Once 18h there's a bunch of other stuff programmed until 1am, check out the programme on the website or FB-event 

Monday, August 11, 2014

LIVE in Budapest.. some excerpts

I put some excerpts from my 4 hour marathon set in Budapest online, it doesnt get any more club then this, spread the sound! #timetogobacktoexperimentalism

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Budapest (HU) - 4h Marathon set

I'll be doing a marathon-set (4h) in a place called Instant Art Bar in Budapest. Tell your Hungarian friends temperatures will rise in the capital, the right time is midnight.. 

Got loads of fresh bassheavy releases to drop on the crowd ;)

Located in the heart of Budapest, cheap drinks, need to tell more?


Thursday, July 3, 2014

'Bangkrock' - Bangkok, Brussels, Bo, B-Movie, Brutal Music & bLowDjob

Tomorrow I'm doing a dj-marathon, playing completely different sets at completely different events but I'm looking forward the most to closing the night over at the Recyclart Holidays Festival!

On the most exciting night of the whole festival I'll make the public sweat like never before so make sure you dress light ;)


22h -> 23h
Lapin Cru

 23h -> 0h
Dom Thomas
Dom saves forgotten & obscure music from fading out in lost archives. He was one of the driving forces behind the now infamous Finders Keepers label and Brutal Music. Historic Avantgarde, B-Movie sounds, retro-futurism and a whole lot of other delicacies. 

0h-> 01h 
 Kriminal Hammond Inferno
They travel undercover through the cosmos and hypnotize any crowd, expect no mercy!

1h15 -> 2h30
Paradise Bangkok Molam Orchestra
 Straight outta Thailand they bring unresistable partymusic straight from the 60s & 70s in a contemporary version. A mix from surf, funk, dance & thai melodies. For those who like it spicy!

3h -> 4h
Maga Bo
Straight outta Rio de Janeiro Bo brings a mix heavily drowned in maracatu, samba reggae, capoeira, etc.. with a focus on percussion, dark basslines constantly switching between organic and electronic sounds inspired by hip-hop and soundsystem culture.

4h -> 5h
Dom Thomas back 2 back with LowDjo
Lowdjo's Dom Thomas partner in crime for this night, ready to shake things up and leave everybody amazed. He's erudite when it comes to electronics as well as any vintage-style, be prepared to sweat or like Antz once said: Those who sit still during Lowdjo's sets must have had their legs amputated.

Only 5 EUROS !!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Sh!tm!x

Since I love the cloud (look previous post) I thought it's about time to upload a 'summer m!x' like I do every year. Fix yourself a nice drink, light up the bbq and hit play, you won't regret it

Featured artists:  

Cuta Kebab & Party, Forest Swords, KingLMan ft. Kiki Hitomi / Count Dubulah, The Howard Roberts Quartet, Lou Reed, Jimmy Smith, Jonwayne, Spectre, Tha Ill Saint ft. Killah Priest, Wu Tang & Jimi Hendrix, Tuxedomoon, Rafi eL, Meridian Brothers, Morena Y Clara, Eprom, Candie Hank, Blawan, Ancient Methods, Special Request, Schlachthofbronx, Lee Gamble, Millie & Andrea, Mouse On Mars, Dave Porter, Mark Pritchard, Dj Rashad, Pearson Sound.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Woooooot?!?? ..again?

Seems like this keeps happening to me :( ..another mix got thrown off the cloud, this time with a Dan The Automator track

 The mix 'Mutant Bass Hop' dates from 2011..

Time for a rewwwwwwwiiinnd!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cassette Market at Beursschouwburg - 6th of June

Friday 6th of June I'll be selling a whole bunch of tapes over at Beursschouwburg. Starting at 17h, until...

Will be bringing most of the last stock of Discrepant & Comphusion cassettes plus a big load of fresh 'Lowdjo Tapes'

Most of the tapes go only at 5 EUROS and I'll make you a price if you buy more ;)


2nd run 'Baby / Kids Tapes' by Lowdjo - 130min

Imaginary Podcast Series 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005 by Lowdjo - 90min

Noises - Dabke Tapes by Gonzo (Discrepant) - 40min

Noises - Electro Chaabi Tapes by Lowdjo (Discrepant) - 90min

Inside The Box Tape 001 (3 copies left!) - 130min

Inside The Box Tape 002 (4 copies left!) - 130min

Inside The Box Tapes 003 - 130min

'Bal des Robots - Irisfest' LIVE by Lowdjo - 130 min

+ Some last copies from about 5 Comphusion-tapes (Erratic / Porn Tape / Cloud Nine / Acid Breakbeat / Tzii .. come early if you want any of these)

Later that night Meridian Brothers, Geko Jones & RebelUp are playing, so that's a guaranteed good night :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

23rd & 24th of May - Porto, Portugal

This weekend I'll be deejaying in Porto, Portugal on two events.. Friday the 23rd with a bunch of other Belgian peepz (flyer) and on Saturday doing a second show with Cuta Kebab & Party + Jiboia at Café au Lait in Portugal's capital. Really psyched about this!!

Tell your friends in Portugal that Lowdjo will be dropping the heat early this year :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Portfolio...Serbia - Studio Marcel (Recyclart) - Thu. 15th of May

This Thursday I'll be playing some Serbian & Yugo tracks over at Studio Marcel (Recyclart), accompanying photos by some of their finest photographers, bring me some rakia and I'll take you for a ride ;)

Doors: 20h / Screening: 20h30 / 4 EUR

Recyclart - Rue Des Ursulines 25, 1000 BXL

> Troisième étape de projections de photographies liées à un pays et à une conférence IBAI. Nous vous proposons d’explorer la scène visuelle serbe avec des collectifs tels Belgrade Raw et Kamerades et aussi la nouvelle scène photographique serbe avec Jovan Todorovic, Aleksandra Perovic, Andrej Filev ,Bogdan Radenkovic, Dusan Rajic, Katarina Soskic, Marija Strajnic, Milica Balubdzic et Tatjana Radicevic.

> Derde fotoprojectieavond rond hetzelfde land als in de IBAI-lezing. We verkennen de visuele kunsten uit Servië met collectieven als Belgrade Raw en Kamerades en de nieuwe servische fotografie met Jovan Todorovic, Aleksandra Perovic, Andrej Filev, Bogdan Radenkovic, Dusan Rajic, Katarina Soskic, Marija Strajnic, Milica Balubdzic en Tatjana Radicevic.