Friday, August 4, 2017

As of Late August 2017

Yowwww.. fresj.. 

 Cortex - Cortex V
Martin Rev - Dies Irae
ASDA - The McDonalds Prayer
Simon Hold - Dhajij Doux
Alva Noto - Milan (for Kostas Murkudis)
Powell - Teddy
Vex Ruffin - Off Track
Dj Loser - Ατελειωτο
Elysia Crampton - Chuqui ChinChay
Slack - Picture
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting - Jest Jokin
Jlin - Nyakinyua Rise
Surly - Train To Lodz
Basic Rhythm - Bury Him
AFX - 4x Atlantis take1
Ossia - Tumult
Afro-Disiak - Tambours d’eau
Shackleton - Endless Memento _ Regression _ Wading Through the Underworld (with Anika)
Morteza Hannaneh - Track 10

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Great Ephemeralization of FoAM's Brussels Studio

Join us one last time at the FoAM studio in Brussels. We're moving outwards and onwards, embracing a lighter, more mobile, perhaps even ephemeral existence. We would be delighted if you could mark this occasion together with us.

Come by to reminisce and raise a toast to past and future adventures. Try your luck at the raffle (become the proud owner of a mystery box containing some of FoAM's lesser known artworks and artefacts) and help us disperse some troublesome traces in a ritual bonfire. Or just put on your dancing shoes to join in the musical wanderings provided by LowDjo.  

First 30 minutes from a 6 hour set..


Angelo Badalamenti - Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)
Surly - Thirteen
 Daedelus - Old Fashioned
Pedro Santos - Savana
Alice Coltrane - Om Shanti
Six Organs Of Admittance - Adoration Song
Can - She Brings The Rain
Wooden Wand - Mexican Coke

Friday, May 5, 2017

Gonjasufi + Lowdjo @ Botanique - 6th of May

Excited to announce I'll be doing the support for Gonjasufi & Skrapez (aka Psychopop & Tenshun) on the Callus Tour. 

This saturday I'll be playing some rekkids over at Botanique, show starts early (around 20h) 

Abstract. Beats. Bass. Hop. Psych.. Come on down and meditate :)


Friday, April 21, 2017

BSWAP, Les Brigitinnes @ BeurschouwBurg - Bal Masqué / Faune Nocturne - 22th of April

 In the framework of B-swap, an artistic identity swap between BeursschouwBurg & Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement.

Party feat. Faune Nocturne / Eugenie Poste, Julien Cerdan, Benoit Lorent, Julie Guiches

Mask workshop from 8pm


 Ohé Ohé c'est bal masqué ! Venez transformés ! Pour danser sur la musique endiablée de DJ Tigrou et Lowdjo. C’est la grande soirée de clôture, le dernier moment pour swapper d’identité . . . Il est temps de vous masquer, de révéler votre face cachée.Une chouette dépravée, un écureuil alcoolique, un taureau femelle super glitt, un punk prophétique : la Faune Nocturne c'est nous, c'est vous, mais ce n'est déjà plus vous ! Votre jumeau étrange, le voilà !Venez déjà costumé ou rejoignez notre atelier de création de masques, on a tout le matériel qu'il faut pour débrider votre créativité et faire déjanter vos instincts farfelus.

Het is eindelijk zover! Tijd om je te vermommen en je te komen uitleven op de vurige ritmes van DJ Tigrou en Lowdjo. De grote slotavond is aangebroken, de laatste kans om van identiteit te swappen. . .Tijd om je masker op te zetten en je verborgen gelaat te onthullen. Een verdorven uil, een dronken eekhoorn, een vrouwelijke glamourstier, een profetische punk: jij bent, wij zijn de nachtelijke fauna, maar eigenlijk zijn wij het niet meer! Tover je vreemde spiegelbeeld tevoorschijn! Kom gerust reeds vermomd maar je kunt ook aansluiten bij onze masker-workshop, wij hebben alle materiaal dat je nodig hebt om je creativiteit de vrije loop te laten en je gekste instincten op je vermomming los te laten. 


 Photos by Oiseaux Sans Tête, OST-Collective.. drop a visit by their amazing Flickr-page!
other credits for costumes: Jean-Eudes Mace et Co de la Tropical BOOBS VODOO NIGHT

Thursday, February 2, 2017

This was Belgium!

Recorded this a couple of years back.. all classics from Belgium's most famous era, for me it was the sound of the first parties i went to, glad I could experience this

Nothing but classics from the Belgian underground, dig in!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Light Your Fire Klub Night at Les Rotondes, Luxemburg - Amnesty International

Happy to go back to Les Rotondes in Luxemburg. It's been a while since I closed their annual Congés Annulés festival last year in August. I had a blast then and this time will be no different, LUX is a great place!

Playing some tunes for the International Day of Human Rights (that starts at midnight), I'll be doing the countdown and playing tunes from around the globe while making some references to countries who don't respect human rights. 

So yea, quite the challenge like I love it.. 

Next to yours truly there's also sets by Spud Bencer and Dj Sensu, looks like a wild night to me :))

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Bass Tape

I've been enjoying the warm end of summer and it inspired me to do a mix.. 

Lots of fresh vibes with a nice bassline to dub you out of summer


Velvet Corridor - Nightshade
Sky H1 - Air
Zomby - Burst
Compa - Atha Dub
Eva808 - Psycho Sushi
Commodo - Hadi Hadi Ah
Taiko - Fractal
Mistress - Kanagawa Homicide
Morten HD - Xerox Missive
Mala - Looney
Slackk - Shogun Assassin
Skream - Bahl Fwd
Kaiju - Wrath
PTU - Taorak
Gage - Rochester Way
Basic Rhythm - Get Dark
Top Cat - Request The Style (Special Request rmx)
Raffertie - Wobble Horror!