Thursday, February 2, 2017

This was Belgium!

Recorded this a couple of years back.. all classics from Belgium's most famous era, for me it was the sound of the first parties i went to, glad I could experience this

Nothing but classics from the Belgian underground, dig in!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Light Your Fire Klub Night at Les Rotondes, Luxemburg - Amnesty International

Happy to go back to Les Rotondes in Luxemburg. It's been a while since I closed their annual Congés Annulés festival last year in August. I had a blast then and this time will be no different, LUX is a great place!

Playing some tunes for the International Day of Human Rights (that starts at midnight), I'll be doing the countdown and playing tunes from around the globe while making some references to countries who don't respect human rights. 

So yea, quite the challenge like I love it.. 

Next to yours truly there's also sets by Spud Bencer and Dj Sensu, looks like a wild night to me :))

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Bass Tape

I've been enjoying the warm end of summer and it inspired me to do a mix.. 

Lots of fresh vibes with a nice bassline to dub you out of summer


Velvet Corridor - Nightshade
Sky H1 - Air
Zomby - Burst
Compa - Atha Dub
Eva808 - Psycho Sushi
Commodo - Hadi Hadi Ah
Taiko - Fractal
Mistress - Kanagawa Homicide
Morten HD - Xerox Missive
Mala - Looney
Slackk - Shogun Assassin
Skream - Bahl Fwd
Kaiju - Wrath
PTU - Taorak
Gage - Rochester Way
Basic Rhythm - Get Dark
Top Cat - Request The Style (Special Request rmx)
Raffertie - Wobble Horror!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Got interested after reading Zomby's twitter (which is hilarious!) and reading bout Vapour or HardVapour as a reaction to the whole (softer) Vaporwave scene.. Got really into it while surfing some bandcamps and reminded me a lot of fun(ny) times during the whole drill'n'bass, breakcore, speedcore thing.. #fotones #remember?

anyways, nuff talk time to LISTEN!
..soon available on tape..

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Recyclart Holidays - 30th of June

Tonight!! The annual Recyclart Holidays festival is starting and I got the pleasure to open together w/ D.Wattsriot (Earconditioning) at 19h until 23h, OUTSIDE!

we got a special EarAid cassette for sale (limited copies!)

"Twee muzikale alchemisten ‘hors categorie’ hebben elkaar gevonden rond een wilde set met 45 toerenplaatjes: vinylpareltjes uit Kazakhstan, Turkije, Iran, Thailand, Australia, Brazilië en andere heerlijke uithoeken worden aan elkaar geregen tot een fonkelend snoer van 4 uur muziek.
Dave Watts (D.Wattsriot) heeft een indrukwekkende staat van 25 jaren dienst als zanger bij Fun’da’mental, co-curator voor Clandestinofestival (Zweden) en radiopresentator. Brusselaar Lowdjo is hier een graag gehoorde gast die pretentieloos wilde spontaneïteit aan diepgravende muzikale eruditie paart."

"Deux alchimistes musicaux ‘hors catégorie’ se sont rencontrés et reconnus autour d’un set effréné avec des 45 tours : des perles de vyniles du Kazakhstan, de Turquie, d’Iran, de Thaïlande, d’Australie, du Brésil et d’autres délicieux coins du monde, qu’ils enchaînent, scintillant joyau de 4 heures de musique.
Dave Watts (D.Wattsriot) a un palmarès impressionnant : 25 ans de service en tant que chanteur avec Fun’da’mental, co-commissaire pour le Festival Clandestino (Suède) et présentateur radio. Le Bruxellois Lowdjo est un invité familier qui allie sans prétention une spontanéité sauvage et une érudition musicale très profonde."

CONJUNTO PAPA UPA (VE) will be closing the night inside.. 

all info, here & facebook

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Fever


Kutmah - Fiyer (Sativa)
Boofy - Truncheon
Slackk - Skeleton Crew
Sophie - L.O.V.E.
Amnesia Scanner - AS Gardens Need Walls
Dj NJ Drone - Syn Stair (Blind)
Baauer ft. M.I.A & G-Dragon - Temple
Yong Yong - O Amor De Uma Mulher
Not Waving - Work Talk
12z - Names or Labels (Ancient Methods rmx)
Kingdom - Punished
Commodo - Set It Straight
Phon.o - U8 Phunk
Martyn ft. Spaceape - Is This Insanity
Xiu Xiu - Laura Palmer’s Theme