Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Balkan Funk Core 2008

A more 'accessible' approach to the original concept from a couple of years ago, less favela beatz & less core.. but that won't spoil the fun.. Hopa Hopa!!!

Featured tracks:

angelo badalamenti - l'éxecution
zingari - gypsy melody
badawi vs juakali - crows
bucovina club vs taraf de haïdouks - oh carolina
balkan beat box - digital monkey
senor coconut vs kocani orkestar - usti, usti bab
shazalakazoo - chocheque
d.m. project - habibi
dunkelbunt ft. amsterdam klezmer band - la rêvedere
dj amazing clay - supa jones
sevdah baby - do u like it
flamin' hotz - rocky theme
gaiola das popozudas - d'arcy
figli di madre ignota - nema problema tourista
boban markovic orkestar - od srca
dunkelbunt ft. raf mc & fanfare ciocarlia - the chocolate butterfly
shazalakazoo - gypsy jungle
monkey steak - black milk
figli di madre ignota - spaghetti balkan
shazalakazoo vs harry poppins
primitivni ples - ja ne bi ne bi ne bi
prljavo kazaliste - mi plesemo
knifehandchop - going back to scarborough
fanfare ciocarlia - tiganeasca
interrupt vector - pump
fanfare ciocarlia - ciocarlia si suite

Download the Balkan Funk Core (divshare)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blunted basss

This one's a killer, so hit the button and show some of those fancy moves!!


villa diamante - marcelo fabian vs pharell vs gwen stefani
maga bo ft. kalaf - poema sem sal
ghislain poirier - it's a war war war
the bug ft. ricky ranking - murder we
peter gunn & small change - midnight kryptonite
klaxons - it's not over (skream rmx)
monkey steak - gaza stripclub
appleblim - mystical warrior
xingnfox feat. tame one - da muzik
edit ft. j-dilla, phat kat & dabrye - the game is not over
candiehank ft. mc shade - we all gonna die tonite
terror danjah ft. durrty goodz - reloadz
atki2 - pout and purchase
dj donna summer - rock rock rock (aaron spectre rmx)
atki2 and renée silver - shocking out proud (dtl salty mix)
tech itch - distort
atki2 - sweaty dub
meat beat manifesto - hellfire
istari lasterfahrer - tuffy dub
alien pimp - robots and cellos
maga bo ft. max normal - homeboys
ghislain poirier ft. seba - l'art de la fellation
starkey - pins (murderbot rmx)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blunted Sunday mx

Tracklisting Blunted Sunday:

spectre - eye against eye / the struggle continues
brokencyde - band tee
xberg dhirty6 cru - rapschreibreform
edo maajka - bomba
ghislain poirier - exils ft. abdelhak rahal & j. clayton
komodo - bali dub
cauto - old school
the bug ft. spaceape - fuckaz
matt shadetek - can't breath rmx
tc - where's my money (caspa rmx)
pacheko - tryouts
cardopusher - gaan a bed
pacheko - bi-polar bear (starkey rmx)
schlactchthofbronx - we nah frai
dj maxximus - mercedes bentley vs versace armani
riz mc - radar
candiehank - groucho won't die
otto von shirach - spine serpents of sperm island

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DYSE promo

As promised, the 'official' Do You Speak European? promo recording.. a freebie for all the European youngsters out there, enjoy!

1. ludwig von beethoven - european anthem
2. don't mess with texas - you're not punk and i'm tellin' everyone (croatia)
3. aphrodelics - rollin' on chrome (wild motherfucker dub) rmx by richard dorfmeister (austria)
4. l-wiz - egyptic (sweden)
5. bucovina club vs taraf de haïdouks - carolina (romania)
6. peneri strycka homeboye - praha (czech republic)
7. edo maajka - bomba (bosnia and herzegovina)
8. tarkan - kiss kiss (turkey)
9. cheb mami & k-maro - nos couleurs (france)
10. stereotyp ft. edu k & joyce muniz - jece valadao (austria)
11. hadise - my body (turkey / belgium)
12. ttc - téléphone (france)
13. skream - tech-appeal (united kingdom)
14. no smoking orchestra - evropa (bosnia and herzegovina)
15. fanfare ciocarlia - 007 / james bond theme (romania)
16. jablkon - mountain / hora (czech republic)
17. besh-o-drom - tortapapir (hungary)
18. prljavo kazaliste - mi plesemo (croatia)
19. f.o. system - örült vilag (hungary)
20. plastic bertrand - ça plane pour moi (belgium)
21. bloc party - mercury (united kingdom)
22. front 242 - tyranny for you (belgium)
23. the knife - listen now (sweden)
24. pierre gérard - dyse

time -- 68:26

download the DYSE-promo-mix!
(alternative link on divshare)
Watch the DYSE-movie, here.
and read all about this project, here

SMartival-set - live recording..

Live-recording of the first 80 minutes of Lowdjo's set at the SMartival on the 26th of november, featuring:

die welträumförscher, aisikl, fennesz-jeck-matthews, allan hughes, fennesz, colleen, flotel, vincent gallo, alejandro franov, john cage, es, nina simone, six organs of admittance, caetano veloso, cobra killer & kapajkos, os mutantes, novos baianos, caetano veloso, raul seixas, os mutantes, blondie, deerhoof, xberg dhirty6 cru, jahdan blakkamoore-dj rupture-matt shadetek, cauto.

download the SMartival-set

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dark Days

The first hour of gRig's All Hallow's Eve..

Dark Days -- tracklisting:

anthony hopkins - 'i ate his liver'

bbc horror sounds
angelo badalamenti - mort de la pièvre
roger webb - night of horror
non - cruenta voluptas
texnolyze sample
angelo badalamenti - l'éxecution
laibach (1961-1982)
otto von shirach - zombie halloween
texnolyze sample
messer frau müller - iron felix kubin
ike yard - a dull life
j.j. burnell - euroman
throbbing gristle - 10 pence
vvv - incredible criminals
ich bin - bodybuilding
einstürzende neubauten - tanz debil
ike yard - loss
vvv - desperate fa the miracle
martin rev - temptation
oleg kostrow - death of frankenstein
v/vm - eurohit
v/vm - benelux bukkake sperm
miss nicky trax - acid in the house
french theory - lost on the way to destelbergen (vocal mx)
angelo badalamenti - l'anniversaire d'irvin

Download Dark Days mx (320kbps - 189mb)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do You Speak European? -- 03.12.08 -- Bxl

Selection of tracks from eleven participating countries covering post-rock, hip-hop, dubstep, gypsy, pop, baile, ska, industrial, post-punk and electro-pop, all mashedup in one hour!

03.12.08 -- Les Halles St. Géry, Brussels - 16h -> 17h -- FREE

Look out for the 'official' promo on the 3th on this blog!!

more info:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SMARTival - curated by Foton

The 22nd of november Smart is celebrating their 10th anniversary in the heart of Brussels at the legendary Pathé Palace.

Foton had the honour of cooking up a line-up with an incredible diverse mixture of contemporary arts!

Check it for yourself: www.smartival.be

Lowdjo will be behind the wheels of steel on the 26th of november (wednesday), really early.. starting at 18h .. till 20h30

Next to a shitload of other dj's..

Friday, October 24, 2008

gRig's All Hallow's Eve - f0am

It's that special time of the year again, this time to celebrate the pagan 'new year's eve', aka - All Hallow's Eve!

From Cyberpunk to Cyberbotany: After the Research Gathering with Angelo Vermeulen, FoAM, [nadine] and the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators invite you to cultivate the vegetal side of your mind... From dystopia to heterotopia, from human-machine to human-plant interactions, a post-cyberpunk eve for retro-techno-pagans, archaic revivalists, lab-witches, eco-nomads, pre & post millenial cultists. gRiggers are preparing an evening of ethnobotanical cooking, cyberbotanical lighting, autumn tunes, with viriditas and thalience diffused through the air, culminating in a (pre)futuristic celebration of the All Hallow's Eve.

Lowdjo's All Hallow's Eve-set, spinning: 70's horror sounds, cyberpunkish industrial echos, (belgian) new beat, and much more.. so expect some darkish sounds, early belgian new beat with an acid-sauce that evolve into a more chilled-forest-walk-dub-wobble and transnational-bass-set to close this Halloween night, with a late snack by warm candle light.

Friday -- 31.10.2008 -- 21h -> 1h
f0amlab - Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 Quai Des Charbonnages - 1080 Brussels - 4th floor

Photos by f0am

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stock sale impro

The digital world has slowly been killing the record industry, while almost everybody has started downloading the last few years, including me, record sales went down in every musical genre.. so far i thought the more specialised scenes like the dj-world would always keep buying vinyl but i notice that even a lot of my 'active' friends in the dj world switched to digital. By this i mean ordering their 'dj-tools' in high-quality-digital-form, next to downloading unreleased tracks to use in their sets.
By doing this, small and even big businesses get bankrupt and can't supply people like me with excellent, fresh and avantgardistic music..
On the other hand, the technological evolution created amazing machines that allows us, dj's, to use the digital formats like old and dusty Elvis Presley records and try to create the same atmosphere, only with endless possibilities and effects to manipulate the original sound.

This summer i went to a couple of stock sales in the 'record biz' of record stores that closed their doors and one big distributor in Belgium, Lowlands (article in dutch). Next to this big distributor their was my favourite record store in Brussels and definitely the most interesting one in Belgium, called Le Bonheur - "Epicerie Audiovisuelle". Unfortunately i won't be able to shop there anymore and supply you listeners with excerpts from this recordshop.. thankfully there's still something like mailorder!

So i got my hands on something like a 100 mint condition vinyls in different formats for half or less the original price and recorded this mix after listening once to each record.. here's a 80 minute-impro-recording of a couple of hours of listening pleasure, enjoy!

Stock Sale Impro - Tracklisting:

('aisikl) - requiem for john fahey
fanal - ich kenne sie nicht
telefon tel aviv - ttv
gudrun gut - blätterwald
the kat cosm - knightboat
kit clayton - humbaba
ming - il continente mentale
schlammpeitziger - wuup wolgawahn
kania thieffer - get flunky
ich bin - votez ich bin (33rpm)
toecutter - i milk myself
shitmat - negative creep
mash gordon - meathead and greycaps
ladyscraper - senseless apprentice
cardopusher - el pote que mece la cuna
monkey steak - too late
syndrome - yo what uh yeh
reverse engineering - dttr (total terror mix)
dälek - streets all amped
plasticman - the plastician ep
high tone - do not panic
your lovely eglantine - later
tu seras terriblement gentille - lester bangs
the cheeraks - cheeraks are n°1 + no mercy
le ton mété - sur la table

Download the stock sale impro mx

Sunday, September 7, 2008

° Mekitburn festival ° 26.09.08 ° Vilvoorde°

Nice festival on the outskirts of Brussels with a huge line-up! Lowdjo's playing on the opening night in the biggest room (capacity +/- 1000!), so let's hope that the soundsystem is as heavy as I expect!! I'll be playing really early, starting around 23h after a live show of Kajhem Orchestra and before Mikis, so i'll probably spin a fresh

Check all the other artists on http://mekitburn.be/ and don't forget to come EARLY!!?!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Finally i got round to finishing the summerish-trilogy, so here are volume two and three..
if you missed out on volume one, find it here!

Tracklisting summerish 2:

taylor deupree - skimming
christian fennesz plays charles matthews
the dead texan - when i see scissors i can't help but think of you
alejandro franov khali - shumba
xiu xiu - sad pony guerilla girl
excepter - bridge traffic
kim hiorthoy - door opens both ways
suicide - keep your dreams
donato wharton - is that why yr still on earth
high tone - glowing fire
full moon scientist - lemon hart angels experiment
filastine - the last redoubt
funki porcini - wicked, cruel, nasty, bad
andrew pekler - steady bounce
eight mile road - life is a traffic jam
maga bo ft. k-libre - nakhil (nettle rmx)
aphex twin - the violin song
monkey steak - gaza stripclub
sky city rising - fever gasp
starkey - pins

download summerish 2

Tracklisting summerish 3:

holger czukay - mirage
nurse with wound-cyclobe - paraparaparallellogrammatica
black dice - manoman
fennesz - caecilia
wooden wand & the vanishing voice - satya sai baba plays 'reverse jam band'
badgerlore - your discomfort, my pleasure
peter green - witches (macbeth original score)
lsd march - gloomy adonis (45 rpm)
vincent gallo - when
die welttraumforscher - kleine mädchen
yeasayer - sunrise
brian eno - baby's on fire (live w/ kevin ayers / john cale / robert wyatt)
animal collective - the purple bottle (stevie wonder version)
deerhoof - rrrrrrrright
oneida - did i die
arab strap - stink
six organs of admittance - the desert is a circle
fuck buttons - bright tomorrow
jazkamer - occult glider
holger czukay - atlantis

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

rock mix


dinosaur jr. - start choppin
the ramones - i wanna be your boyfriend
the jesus and mary chain - in a hole (peel session)
the real kids - reggae reggae
the fall - victoria (peel session)
world domination enterprises - asbestos lead asbestos
mudhoney - you got it
afghan whigs - retarded
bauhaus - she's in parties
the new york dolls - shadow line
mars - helen forsdale
walter steding with robert fripp - hound dog
magazine - boredom
crass - do they owe us a living
bikini girl - rebel girl
tu seras terriblement gentille - i need a kiss
josef k - the art of things
the cheeraks - ring o' fire
the slits - vindictive (peel session)
frustration - blind

download the rock mix

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer bass tape

A-side of a two-hour-car-tape recorded for Bruno's 30th birthday.. side b, coming soon.

villa diamante - mariana baraj vs unknown
ghislain poirier - lil' mama
villa diamante - daledura vs princesa vs missy elliot
the bug ft. warrior queen - poison dart (skream rmx)
tolcha vs soom t - send dem kids to war (eva be's against war mx)
ghislain poirier ft. ttc & omnikron - pour te réchauffer
113 & cheb mami - clando
ghislain poirier - juelz santana
guilty simpson - get bitches
the bug ft. flowdan - jah war
beenie man & buju banton - principle
spank rock & benny blanco - loose
sizzla - yaahdie (raw)
starkey ft. xploder - corner store
dj beware + mc gringo - tamborzoa con scratchy
lady sovereign - blah blah
kromestar vs hatcha - twin towers
aaron spectre - say more fire
vex'd - angels
limewax - the golden path
tech itch - distort

download summer bass tape

Saturday, July 12, 2008

..More Dubzzz..

4 hours of summer dubbin'!

1.0 --> download cd one
caspa - dubwarz
vex'd - crusher dub
6blocc - digits
distance - fallen (vex'd rmx)
meat beat manifesto - 62 dub
wedge - overfiend
tech itch - one of us
vex'd - third choice
6blocc - creal
distance - battle sequence
meat beat manifesto - children of earth
loefah vs dj assault - ass'n'titties (wtc edit)
tech itch - metal
mrk1 - trip down the nile
mrk1 - never warned
goth trad - far east assassin
mathhead - stagger dub
benga vs j-kwon - tipsy (wtc edit)

2.0 --> download cd two
plaid - bai kimura (vex'd rmx)
ka - oil man
meat beat manifesto - hellfire
distance - mistral
alien pimp - robots and cellos
technical itch - implant
ghislain poirier - blazin' (modeselektor rmx)
luke envoy - honour kill
skream - oskilatah
boxcutter - brood
vex'd - fire
skream - wobble that gut
neil landstrumm - kids wake up
rustie - response
mrk1 - the underworld
slaughter mob - guts 'n' bones
omen - frontline
distance - ska
mathhead - skyjacker

3.0 --> download cd3
armour - iron man
black ham - necron
6blocc - never scared
dtl - brooklyn skank
the next - kabul
black ham - the crusade
buraka som sistema - buraka entra!
starkey - glassy eyes rmx
nikynutz & eka the mad samplist ft. jagan & mc stoneman - reflexe
starkey - lupe kick push (street bass mx)
babylon system & spl - shevil
bong-ra - sissy spacek
benga - the cut
broken note - dubversions
sp:mc - trust nobody
cardopusher - voice mail bomb
tipper - open the jowls (vip mx)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Call For Projects To All Artists!

SMart asbl is a socio-professional organisation supporting artists on a logistic, administrative and legal level. To celebrate its 10th anniversary SMart is organizing the SMartival, a festival for its 20000 members and for the general audience. The SMartival takes place from 22/11/2008 until 29/11/2008, at the Pathé Palace in Brussels.

Foton is responsible for the conceptualization and the artistic program of the SMartival. Within this framework we launch a call for projects, based on the following conditions and proposals:

- the SMartival is a MULTI- and INTERDISCIPLINARY event: music, film, dance, theater, circus, installations, fine arts ... all artistic disciplines as well as their hybrid forms are welcome.
- first of all the SMartival wants to be a place and a moment in time where SUPPORT, ENCOUNTERS and EXCHANGE between artists, the general audience and the SMart-crew prevail: the event is open to all artistic proposals containing these elements of INTERACTIVITY, no matter what their format might be (performances, installations, workshops, ...)

- whether you are an artist or not, whether you are well-known or not, send us your own artistic creation, to be sold during our anonymous auction ... the day of the auction you might return home with a real Tuymans without knowing it.

Send your project proposals for the artistic program to:
hans@foton.be / SMart asbl - c/o Hans De Man - Emile Féronstraat 70 - 1060 Brussels

Send a short description and a couple of pictures of your artistic creation for the auction to: hans@foton.be
We will get in touch with you afterwards to discuss the sales conditions.

For more information concerning SMart and Foton: http://www.smartasbl.be - http://www.foton.be

Thursday, June 19, 2008

f0am's Midsummer's Eve

FoAM invites you to share midsummer's eve with them...

When: Friday, 20th of June 2008, from 19:59 CEST
Where: FoAM Lab, Koolmijnenkaai 30-34, Molenbeek (BxHell)

At the height of the summer solstice*, f0am has a couple of exciting things to celebrate at their space in Brussels. A few months ago, they moved into a wonderful new space & they'd like to open its doors to their friends on midsummer night. They've also been busily redesigning their website and will launch it on Friday, 20th of June, 2008 at 23:59 UTC (21st of June at 01:59 CEST) at http://fo.am.

As the old stories go, whatever is dreamt on this night will come true for the dreamers. F0am invites you to come and join us in their lab, or online and dream of what FoAM could become. Bring yourself & your friends, your hopes and fantasies, as well as any foods, drinks or music that you desire. All things green, herbaceous, delightful, fiery or magickal...

* in the Northern Hemisphere

What to expect??

Funky snacks.. funny freaks..

Amazing cocktails...

and of course, some..

Lowdjo-niche-ness for all you bubbly people out there!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maison Des Cultures 17.05.08

It's horrible poster but, here we go..

Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale
Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang
rue Mommaertsstraat 4
1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

LowDjo (18u. -> 0u.)
Arabic music, psych, bass, cumbia, balkan, free, mashup, baile, impro, core...
... soundz of the univerzzz..

Sunday, May 4, 2008


The first sunbeams are showing in Brussels, time to have sweet summerdreams..
..hearing the gentle crushing of the waves while the sun sets..
Enjoy the summerish tape!

side a:

fennesz - endless summer
georges delerue - thème de camille (le mépris)
brian eno - sombre reptiles
vincent gallo - her smell theme
animal collective - street flash
hrsta - beau village
yma sumac - ataypura (high andes)
es - twenty-five twenty-five
gal costa - tuareg
excepter - sunrise
broadcast - you can fall
vincent gallo - and a colored sky colored grey
rings - all right peace
tuk - low carb love
primal scream - living dub

side b:

primal scream - living dub
les vampyrettes - biomutanten
can - spoon
lydia lunch - smoke in the shadows
brian eno - sky saw
magoo - pink dust
holger czukay - fragrance
devendra banhart - i heard somebody say
thurston moore - the shape is in a trance
telefon tel aviv - when it happens it moves all by itself
arab strap - leave the day free
deerhoof - after me the deluge
tortoise - ry cooder

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Especially for the Micronomics-festival Lowdjo is sharing his previous MicronomicsMoneyMixez as featured on the MicroMarchéMidi in december and january.. where they were available for trade. All the selected tracks have something to do with money, the economy, etc..
There are still a couple of handmade cd's left that will be available for trade at the festival (30th from 22h on, 01th from 16h..) so bring something nice!

Big up to Dj ByLampLight in Chicago for supplying me with his excellent 'Root of Evil'-compilation!

Scroll down for tracklisting/download, more info on the festival, line-up, ..

MicronomicsMoneyMix 1.0 by Lowdjo -- MicroMarchéMidi 23.12.07


1. noam chomsky - capitalism, world trade & economics
2. cassetteboy - cash/money
3. pink floyd - money
4. salmonella dub - nothing is free
5. lee perry - crooks in the business
6. lil' scrappy ft. young buck - money in the bank (dirty)
7. saul williams - scared money
8. lali puna - micronomic (boom bip rmx)
9. nelly - must be the money
10. diplo - money power respect
11. m.i.a. - 20$
12. 50 cent / lexie lee - i got money (mr c. mashup)
13. despot - get rich or die trying
14. ludacris ft. pharell - money maker
15. tinie tempah - hood economics
16. ttc - de pauvres riches
17. lil' wayne & young money - nigga wit money
18. amg - bitch betta have my money
19. petey pabloe - show me the money
20. odb - baby i gotcha money

(69:58 --> download mp3)

MicronomicsMoneyMix 2.0 by Lowdjo -- MicroMarchéMidi 20.01.08:


1. The Teaching Company - MacroEconomics (part 2)
2. Sugar Minott - Cell Block One
3. The Lox ft. Lil' Kim & Dmx - Money, Power, Respect
4. James Brown - Funky President
5. Beenie Man - Mo Money Mo Problems
6. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Gold
7. Tinchy Stryder - Mainstream Money
8. Public Enemy - Psycho of Greed
9. De La Soul - Itzoweezee
10. M.I.A. - 10$
11. Captain Comatose - 100$ (version française)
12. The Flying Lizards - Money
13. Pedro The Lion - Simple Economics
14. The Sonics - Money (That's what i want)
15. You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap (between the rich and the poor)
16. Les Savy Fav - Scotchguard The Credit Card
17. Rapeman - Just Got Paid
18. Japanther - One Hundred Dollars
19. Broadcast - Microtronics 19
20. No Smoking Orchestra - Crazy About Money
21. Cardopusher - Cannot Buy Dollars
22. Venetian Snares & Speedranch - Pay Me For Sex
23. Dan Boadi - Money Is The Root of Evil

(71:04 --> download mp3)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Citymine(d) & Foton present the Micronomics-festival 2008

MICRONOMICS festival (City Mine(d) / Foton)

when: 30/04, 01/05 & 02/05/2008
venue: Le Laboureur - Jamarlaan 1a Blvd Jamar - 1060 St-Gilles
entrance: FREE
start: 22:00


30/04 - 22h
Lowdjo (Foton) - Viktor French (FAST)

01/05 - 16h ->19h
Lowdjo doing his 'MicronomicsMoneyMix' on the market outside!

01/05 - 22h
Rubicub - Nena's Polla (Mingapop) - Dubanity (FAST) - Timeblind (Tigerbeat6, Soot) - Shaman (Beat Dis!)

o'Tanzz Aairbus - Sub-altern (FAST) - Sublym Diagonal (LEG) - Lysergic (Twisted Hardware) - Antz (Foton)


Friday 18.04.08 BalKanTroniX - Ghent

one hell of a line-up!!! (click image to enlarge)
(all the links to the artists..)