Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I&I - 001

Thursday 28-02 I&I Relations - Releaseparty @ Steegske/frontline - Ghent

Room 1
2200: I&I Vibes
2330: Black out
0030: I&I Vibes
0130: Manouche
0230: TEP
0315: FFF
0415: Throttler ft LowBss
0515: Sicktronick
Room 2
2200: DJ Zack
2330: Phonetics & Yurin Rostislav
0100: harry poppins
0145: lowdjo
0300: Diathroda
0430: BamBamBam!
0515: Wan Bushi

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lowdjo's PartyBash mixes (January 2008)

Tracklisting 3.1:

bernard herrmann - twentieth century fox
bloc party- where is home (burial rmx)
thom yorke - and it rained all night (burial rmx)
renegade soundwave - ozone breakdown
edit - artsy rmx ft. the grouch
terror danjah - reloadz ft. durrty goodz
etienne de crecy - funk (the bloody beetroots rmx)
terror danjah - spooky (2007 rmx)
hot chip - ready for the floor (shake a fist diplo rmx)
dj assault - checkstub
313 bass mechanics - pass out (vocal)
clark - kin griff
hot chip - shake a fist
franz ferdinand - the fallen (justice rmx)
the toxic avenger - superheroes 2007
tiga - you gonna want me (van she tech rmx)
chicks on speed - wordy rappinghood
kim hiorthoy - i thought we could eat friends
lexy & k-paul - ponyboy
curses! - this is the way (drop the lime rmx)
dj assault - let me see you pop

download 3.1 on divshare

Tracklisting 3.2:

digitalism - jupiter room (martian assault edit)
tiga - move my body (only 4 erol mx)
sabrepulse - phalanx
trash fashion - it's a rave dave
dj assault - kill the bitch
bloc party - flux (12" version)
limewax - golden path
electromeca - brutal funk
tc - deep (club mx)
doormouse - david allen coe megamix
maladroit - party time for the king in yellow
bam bam babylon bajasch - one love (lfo demon rmx)

download 3.2 on divshare

The first partybash mixes (1.0 & 2.0) are still online and available for download over at our friends' spot right here.

Lowdjo's mashup mix (January 2008)

This is as poppy as it gets..


dj crook (air w/ khia & serge gainsbourg) - je t'aime my pussy
apollo zero - workin' techno pop
dj c - the abc traffic jam
average white band vs jackson 5 - i want you
party ben - rehab (can't help myself)
divide & kreate - illiterate city
jimmi james - sgt. peppers paradise
apollo zero - nasty promiscious baby
pharell & a tribe called quest - can i kick it like that
richard x - being scrubbed
the slits - i heard it through the bassline
bacalao - the robots (die roboter)
richard x - i wanna dance with numbers
the hood internet - girls just wanna fix up
a plus d - beethoven's fifth gold digger
duran duran vs kelis - notorious trick
fettdog - wannabeastieboys
daft punk vs queen - bite da funk
ruff muff - la la her madly

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ateliers Mommen - STANDBY – (re)PLAY

29.02.08 -- STANDBY -– (re)PLAY, party time!

20:00 Open
21:00 Penskyplochingen "another brick in the firewall"
22:00 Primordial undermind (modern psych rock combo)
23:00 Lowdjo – vs - DJohn (exprmtl DJ-set) .. until 1st metro!?!!


Ateliers Mommen
Liefdadigheidsstraat 37
Rue de la Charité 37
1210 BXL
metro Madou/Art-wet

Penskyplochingen versent des musiciens de DES d'improvisateur.
Forment un
inconventionnel de duet et imprévu d'elles d'ensemble.
Taches et du bruit
musicaux de DES de l'avec l'accès de bourdon-basés d'organiques de
morceaux de DES de Le résultat s'étend. Colorés et intransigeants de
généralement de sont de Leurs aspects de phase.(dans le babelfish)

Primordial undermind (us/aut) (modern psych rock combo)

Eric Arn and Primordial Undermind have tirelessly mined the nether regions
of avant psych-rock for the past 17 years, resulting in a sonically
diverse body of work. Arn began in the legendary Crystalized Movements
with Wayne Rogers (Magic Hour, Major Stars) in the 1980's. Primordial
Undermind has grown and evolved, with a rotating membership typifying the
band, and a restlessness to explore pushing a steady progression from
distorted, psychedelic Nuggets- esque overload to full blown free
instrumental rock and everything in between. Just before relocating from
Austin, Texas to Vienna, Austria in late 2004, the band recorded Loss of
Affect for the Strange Attractors label, producing the most outré document
of the Primordial Undermind sound to date.
"Reverberating with primitive hallucinogenic drones, garage rock grinds
and improvisations that slowly build from half-formed blowouts to cosmic
Stockhausen-style epics... PU have crawled out of the psychedelic
undergrowth and evolved into something special" - Edwin Pouncey (Savage
Pencil), the Wire"underworldy free-rock music...
"Words like trippy and psychedelic were invented for this kind of music,
but they seem inadequate here… try “revelatory” instead" - Jennifer Kelly,
The Undermind is a kind of direct descendant of the big late ‘60s
electronics-powered post- psychedelic ensembles such as Fifty Foot Hose,
but much much better " - Julian Cope, Headheritage

Lowdjo - vs - DJohn (DJ-set exprmtl)

Lowdjo - (I&I/Foton) - drones, beats, breaks and cracks, mashups, booty
bass,.. collected soundz of the univerz, everything is possible.. anything


Lowdjo's Bio

At the early age of sixteen Lowdjo said goodbye to his former punk-rock band to start deejaying at his local radio station in aLOSTa. Mostly listening to indie-rock, post-punk & grunge while collecting a lot of cassettes & cds..

It was only about 7 years later that Lowdjo first deejayed for an audience, vinyl replaced the old cassettes and up until today he's been collecting records and expanding his archive.

After finishing his studies, Lowdjo moved to Brussels, where it all started. Got a dj-gig in the basement of a sweaty jazz-club.. everbody went out of their mind and Lowdjo made his entrance in the Brussels-dj-scene, the year was 2000.

Around that time Lowdjo was exploring the more experimental side of the music spectrum. Using soundscapes, drones & noise in his mix combined with breakcore, elektro, jungle, etc... Then he joined Foton Records who organised the legendary FOtones-nights in Brussels, Belgium and abroad. Next to Foton Lowdjo was also participating in two other collectives around that period, called aLOSTaSOULS and Comphusion.

Deejaying not only in his home town, Brussels but also in a lot of other venues in Belgium and abroad: Chicago, Berlin, Maribor, Rome, Barcelona, Cologne, Amsterdam, London, Orléans, Deringaj (Croatia), Novi Sad...

During this period Lowdjo had the chance to dj and be on the same line-up with a lot of amazing artists. To name a few:

Einstürzende Neubauten, Pole, Peaches, Emir Kusturica & His No Smoking Orchestra, Patric Catani, Koçani Orkestar, Venetian Snares, Dj Rupture, Douster, The Herbaliser, Carlos Giffoni, Jack Dangers (MeatBeatManifesto), Apparat, 65Days Of Static, Karen Constance, Filastine, Alpha Blondy, Chris Corsano & Paul Flaherty & Spencer Yeh, Felix Kubin, Herrmutt Lobby, Seal Phüric, Astrobotnia, Imminent, Subskan, Eat Static,
Dj Ripley, Sébastien Roux, Géographique, Silk Saw, F.S. Blumm Trio, Zu ft. Mats Gustaffson, Milanese, Toecutter, Guido Möbius, Ove Naxx, Hrsta, Vex'd, Drop The Lime, Neil Landstrumm, Flex Busterman, Shitmat, Loefah, Bear Bones Lay Low, and many more...

Now, in 2010.. "Lowdjo takes you on a journey with his ethnic beats extra-ordinaire: Thaï pop, Tropicalia, Syrian Tekno, Cumbia, Iraki Choubi, Balkan bass, all this laced together by a tantalizing mix of contemporary electronix. Lowdjo takes you on a dizzying trip exploring the globe's weird musical heritage."

Lowdjo's also deejaying under different alter ego's, Dj Fiësto for his specialised 'Disco Kids'-sets, Dr. Green Cheese who explores the contemporary 'futuristic hip-hop' scene and last but not least there's Dj SickSickSick, who mainly focuses on dark drones, ambient, noise, psych, ...

"Een dj die zeker het vermelden waard is en zich al even eclectisch als encyclopedisch door menige Brusselse scènes beweegt is dj Lowdjo." Gonzo Circus, 2010

"Elektro DJ -oktopod koji dolazi iz Brisela, Belgija odvešće vas na putovanje sa svojim neobičnim etno bitovima. Za festival Dani Brazila pomešaće brazilske tematske setove začinjene sa tantalovskim miksom savremene elektronike. Lowdjo će vas povesti na vrtoglavi put istržujući najčudnije svetsko muzičko nasleđe." Dani Brazila, 2011.