Friday, October 24, 2008

gRig's All Hallow's Eve - f0am

It's that special time of the year again, this time to celebrate the pagan 'new year's eve', aka - All Hallow's Eve!

From Cyberpunk to Cyberbotany: After the Research Gathering with Angelo Vermeulen, FoAM, [nadine] and the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators invite you to cultivate the vegetal side of your mind... From dystopia to heterotopia, from human-machine to human-plant interactions, a post-cyberpunk eve for retro-techno-pagans, archaic revivalists, lab-witches, eco-nomads, pre & post millenial cultists. gRiggers are preparing an evening of ethnobotanical cooking, cyberbotanical lighting, autumn tunes, with viriditas and thalience diffused through the air, culminating in a (pre)futuristic celebration of the All Hallow's Eve.

Lowdjo's All Hallow's Eve-set, spinning: 70's horror sounds, cyberpunkish industrial echos, (belgian) new beat, and much more.. so expect some darkish sounds, early belgian new beat with an acid-sauce that evolve into a more chilled-forest-walk-dub-wobble and transnational-bass-set to close this Halloween night, with a late snack by warm candle light.

Friday -- 31.10.2008 -- 21h -> 1h
f0amlab - Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 Quai Des Charbonnages - 1080 Brussels - 4th floor

Photos by f0am

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stock sale impro

The digital world has slowly been killing the record industry, while almost everybody has started downloading the last few years, including me, record sales went down in every musical genre.. so far i thought the more specialised scenes like the dj-world would always keep buying vinyl but i notice that even a lot of my 'active' friends in the dj world switched to digital. By this i mean ordering their 'dj-tools' in high-quality-digital-form, next to downloading unreleased tracks to use in their sets.
By doing this, small and even big businesses get bankrupt and can't supply people like me with excellent, fresh and avantgardistic music..
On the other hand, the technological evolution created amazing machines that allows us, dj's, to use the digital formats like old and dusty Elvis Presley records and try to create the same atmosphere, only with endless possibilities and effects to manipulate the original sound.

This summer i went to a couple of stock sales in the 'record biz' of record stores that closed their doors and one big distributor in Belgium, Lowlands (article in dutch). Next to this big distributor their was my favourite record store in Brussels and definitely the most interesting one in Belgium, called Le Bonheur - "Epicerie Audiovisuelle". Unfortunately i won't be able to shop there anymore and supply you listeners with excerpts from this recordshop.. thankfully there's still something like mailorder!

So i got my hands on something like a 100 mint condition vinyls in different formats for half or less the original price and recorded this mix after listening once to each record.. here's a 80 minute-impro-recording of a couple of hours of listening pleasure, enjoy!

Stock Sale Impro - Tracklisting:

('aisikl) - requiem for john fahey
fanal - ich kenne sie nicht
telefon tel aviv - ttv
gudrun gut - blätterwald
the kat cosm - knightboat
kit clayton - humbaba
ming - il continente mentale
schlammpeitziger - wuup wolgawahn
kania thieffer - get flunky
ich bin - votez ich bin (33rpm)
toecutter - i milk myself
shitmat - negative creep
mash gordon - meathead and greycaps
ladyscraper - senseless apprentice
cardopusher - el pote que mece la cuna
monkey steak - too late
syndrome - yo what uh yeh
reverse engineering - dttr (total terror mix)
dälek - streets all amped
plasticman - the plastician ep
high tone - do not panic
your lovely eglantine - later
tu seras terriblement gentille - lester bangs
the cheeraks - cheeraks are n°1 + no mercy
le ton mété - sur la table

Download the stock sale impro mx