Monday, April 13, 2009

Dark Easter Drone


steffen basho junghans - waters (part II)
walter carlos - timesteps
silk saw - commedia
fenn'o'berg - riding again
alessandro stefana - poste e telegrafi blues ft. mark ribot
suicide - frankie teardrop, the detective meets the space alien (1976 demo)
audiostore & eavesdropper - time code matter (edit)
esther venrooij - shift coordinate points
glenn branca - hallucination city
implog - holland tunnel dive
vvv - incredible criminals
ike yard - a dull life
einstürzende neubauten - tanz debil
alien sex fiend - wish i woz a dog
non - cruenta voluptas
throbbing gristle - whorle of sound

Download 68min -- 320kbps -- 157mb

Download 192kbps -- 94mb -- mediafire
Download 192kbps -- 94mb -- zshare


zhao said...

this looks crazy.

Lowdjo said...
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