Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dj Fiësto's first mix.. in 2007


michael armstrong - wish you were here (pink floyd)
dragibus - tsukino
michael anderson - human behaviour
colleen - babies
dragibus - chèrs petits amis
ben charest - la jungle de belleville
unknown - happy holidays (chinese)
danny elfman - overture the nightmare before christmas
michael armstrong - yesterday (the beatles)
danny elfman - introduction edward scissorhands
smashing pumpkins lullaby rendition - today
dragibus - la ronde des escargots
ben charest - barbier "cieco, cieco"
danny elfman - town meeting song (tnbc)
michael armstrong - strawberry fields forever (the beatles)
candy flip - strawberry fields forever
ben charest - generique d'ouverture (les triplettes dbv)
ming - tapis rouge
danny elfman - making christmas
caribou - dundas ontario
uriel - you who are reading me now (love experience mix)
gangpol und mit - notre vie n'est pas simple. vous ne devenez pas jeune
michael anderson - all is full of love (björk)
danny elfman - ballet de suburbia

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