Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lowdjo LIVE @ 'Waterdicht' by UBD

A little bit over a month ago i recorded my set at Le Café Central
The event was organised by UmBrellaDelika records as part of the "Waterdicht"-series..

My whole set, over 4 hours, is online.. streamable and downloadable!!

Lowdjo's complete set at "Waterdicht" by UBD @ Le Café Central - 18.07.09 by Lowdjo Live

Some words.. about the selection:

recording 1: sounds of the universe

starting off with a short recording of sublime frequencies and dutch band the ex collaborating with the legend of getatchew..

bush taxi mali (field recordings of mali)
getatchew mekuria & the ex
bellemou & benfissa

Lowdjo Live @ Le Café Central Bxl - 18.07.09 - 1st part: Sounds of the universe 1 by Lowdjo Live

recording 2: sounds of the universe

thai pop
thai beat
pakistani poppywood
north korean commie funk
thai rawk
haitian voodoo drums
syrian tekno

as you see loads of sublime frequencies... combined with some old weird records and found soundz...

Lowdjo Live @ Le Café Central Bxl - 18.07.09 - 2nd part: Sounds of the universe 2 by Lowdjo Live

recording 3: cumbia

the third part in the mix of my set at le Café Central.. short cumbia mix..

the first time i mixed some cumbia for more than two tracks in a row (better late than never!) with some music i got from this 'perfect cumbia' compilation, they shared on generation bass mixed with some tracks of the last soot-cumbia-record (that got a little damaged in the mail, missent to 'india'.. damn!). next up.. some sonido del principe, who's the cumbia bass master of the lowlands!

Lowdjo Live @ Le Café Central Bxl - 18.07.09 - 3th part: Cumbia by Lowdjo Live

recording 4: planetary bass

kicking off with brussels bass warrior Bunzero with his fresh release 'Second Meeting' and it's a killer!!! This one took me floating around the room from the first time i heard it.. big up to Jemenfish for releasing Belgium-vinyl in these hard economic times.. you all know who i'm talking about!! the second track is mochipet doing a bass tribute to michael jackson: 'thriller rmx', back to Jemenfish's vinyl with Tyronn 'Rumble' in the Forsaken rmx on the b-side, damn!!! I just can't get enough of this dark atmosphere... you should all get out and buy this record, me like a lot!
Next up one of my favourite tracks on the new major lazer album: "anything goes" ft. turbulance, over to ghislain poirier ft. mc zulu i think in the 'wildlife re-rub', a guy from brussels, no? .. this is where the basssss goes up!!! .. with ghislain poirier's remix of another great bassnectar track called "art of revolution, then 77klash ft. matt shadetek with 'pressure' .. brooklyn basssss!!!, zombie disco squad in the boog-a-loo crew rmx, over to some kuduro with n° 1 in the genre... buraka som sistema - kalemba (reso's arguardente rmx), next one same track but reworked vs lady sovereign - love me or hate me, then a track off toddla t last album - sound tape killin' ft. serocee, frederic galliano, more kuduro bass heavy soundzzz, some phat bubbly basslines, back to breaks with skream's midnite request line refixed with a booty record called 'midnite kryptonite.. love this track and played it out many times (it's made in the states).. that bassline keeps doing it, even after a couple of years and over fifty listens. Then it's one of these crazy flexidiscs on 'how to learn russian' to switch over to another michael jackson / jackson 5 tribute 'i want you riddim' by motorpitch, just for some girls who where asking for more 'funky music' or something.. you know how it goes djing in a café..

Lowdjo Live @ Le Café Central Bxl - 18.07.09 - 4th part: Planetary Basss by Lowdjo Live

recording 5: balkan bass

starting off with more cumbia by sonido del principe, again.. soot cumbia, yeah!, 'bomba' by edo maajka one of my favourite hip-hop tracks.. hailing from bosnia-herzegovina, maga bo 'the transnational-bass-guru', dj c on the refix duties with 'belgrade riddim'.. this one does it on every dancefloor. i love it how the horns, the beats, the different rythms and the bassline come together!! Once i hear those horns it's over to balkan traditionals, breaks, rhythms, brass bands.. Hopla, Hopla! featuring mahala rai banda, balkan beat box, slonovski bal, boban i marko markovic orkestar, fanfara tirana, dj click vs rona hartner..

by now we're about two hundred minutes far in the mix..

and then it's back to basss!! ..time to go over to the rougher side of the night and drop some balkan core.. grandpamini with a russian fanfare-bass-real2real-mashup.. over some umbrelladelika with 'shazalakazoo vs harry poppins', 'a fistfull of deutschmarks', was it? ..next up bambam babylon bajasch, great germans (berliners?) who make border-crossing electronic music.. a little roughness on the knobs and back to speed brass!!
shazalakazoo with some gypsy jungle, dj scud classic, after a short interlude, 'let the bass kick' by teebee, oldskool drum, yeaaaahhh!!! just couldn't get enough of teebee, people wildly dancing so i decided to drop another track from the start and just let it play, unfortunately in overdrive.. almost four hours far in the mix.. screammm!!

almost closing time..

Lowdjo Live @ Le Café Central Bxl - 18.07.09 - 5th part: Balkan Bass by Lowdjo Live

recording 6: core

fff raving the place up with 'kick a hole in the speaker! switching from fast jungle to straight banging hardcore beats, surprising everybody? or is this just plain oldskool breakcore?? ;-)) starkeyyyyyy d'n'bassssyy wobbles...full length. getting tired & drunk... next up: nirvana getting a hardcore fix, adult to shift the tempo up with 'suck the air' .. just a little bit pitched.. let3 giving kalasjnikov a balkan-beat rework, don't know much about them.. candiehank is in the house!!! unfortunately with too much bass so i cut it off.. strange this was possible on a regular saturday-night in a café in the centre of brussels...

Lowdjo Live @ Le Café Central Bxl - 18.07.09 - 6th part: Core by Lowdjo Live

recording 7: end.. violence

it's getting late.. but it's not over yet!!

urbanus 'hittentit', ok! one more time.. emir kusturica & the no smoking orchestra with 'drang nach osten', shitmat doing the jackson5 and a couple of others.. this one goes way back.. ooooh no, the night is still not over... time for some heavyyyyyyyy tracks!! dj sega & ove naxx & with some controlled violence.. i think this is where they stopped me??!?!??

007 End.. violence.. by Lowdjo Live

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