Thursday, January 28, 2010

Juan Data's Wish List For The Next Decade

This is a pretty hilarious blog-post I was reading by Juan Data.. he's making the most funny wishlist... take a look, HERE!

One of his wishes is "No More Dj's Who Can't Mix" .. i guess i would be out of a job pretty fast ;-)) Anyway, here's what he has to say:

"Granted, DJing was a little elitist back when it was limited to the people who could afford to buy two turntables, a mixer and lots of records. But those people, for the most part, tried to get their investment money worth by practicing or at least, trying to figure out how to work those things.
Nowadays, laptops and cheap software democratized the access to DJing to virtually everybody and suddenly every other loser out there thinks he/she can rock a party and take the groupies home.
The problem with making DJing so seemingly accessible is that these new wannabes come with the this-is-so-easy-anybody-can-do-it attitude and don't even worry about learning the very basic mixing techniques. And that drives me nuts especially because most of these new DJ programs already do most of the beat-matching work for you... and they still can't mix! Go back to the dance-floor where you belong."

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Monday, January 25, 2010

More Heat, More Fire!

Live Recording of my dj-set @ Climate Jockey... More Heat, More Fire!!


1. Jahdan Blakkamoore - Nice Green (prod. by Matt Shadetek)

2. Matt Shadetek - Strength In Numbers 

3. Aphex Twin vs Unknown - Dublicker

4. Eprhyme ft. Nomy Lamm - Punklezmerap

5. Shazalakazoo - This Is Folkstep 

6. Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. x Max Pashm - Bang x Manea-k (Dj T-Man mashup)

7. Dizzee Rascal - Pussy 'Ole (Radioclit x Schlachthofbronx refix) 

8. Foreign Beggars vs Rouge à Lèvres (Dj Primecuts) - Hit That Gash (Itchy Naaan Re-Rub) 

9. King Cannibal ft. Daddy Freddy - Dirt 

10. Grafiti vs The Bug - What Is The Problem? 

11. Lil' Jon ft. Mulher File & Mr Catra - Machuka (prod. by Kassiano) 

12. Baleine 3000 - Pompier 

13. Otto Von Schirach - Bass Galactica 8

14. LFO - Flu Shot (Kringlan) 

15. Madera Limpia - La Lenta (Schlachthofbronx rmx) 

16. Team Shadetek ft. 77Klash & Jahdan - Brooklyn Anthem

17. Atki2 & Renée Silver - Shocking Out Proud! (DTL Salty mix) 

18. Ghislain Poirier ft. Mr Slaughter - Get Crazy 

19. Maluca - El Tigeraso (Nguzunguzu rmx)
20. A*Class - Nightmare (At The Discotheque) 

21. Kid606 - Another One Bites The Dubstep

22. Knifehandchop - Tizzy Tixbown Riddim 

23. FFF - Kickahole In The Speaker 

24. Shazalakazoo vs Harry Poppins

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teaser Climate Jockey Night

Teaser Climate Jockey Night - Brussel from Piedlabiche on Vimeo.

22.00-23.30 Rebel Up
23.30-01.00 Lowdjo

01.00-02.30 Baxter Beez
02.30-04.00 Douster
04.00-05.00 Rebel Up

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fri. 22.01 -- Climate Jockey Night @ Recyclart

Belgian première of the Climate Jockey installation / party in Recyclart, Brussels.

Read all about it in: French °° Dutch

On the line-up: Douster, Baxter Beez, Rebel Up Dj's, and Lowdjo of courzZz..

I read it for the first time, here.
Jean Booty! aka the crazy mixtape hero

The climate of the room will be manipulated, so YOU can experience the music through weather conditions.. tropical heat, storm, rain, fog, air humidity, etc.. I'll make sure there's some thunder from time to time ;-)))

(22h ---> 5h)

and here's a promo-video of the previous Climate Jockey... a taster..

Et si l'homme... from Piedlabiche on Vimeo.