Monday, January 4, 2010

Fri. 22.01 -- Climate Jockey Night @ Recyclart

Belgian première of the Climate Jockey installation / party in Recyclart, Brussels.

Read all about it in: French °° Dutch

On the line-up: Douster, Baxter Beez, Rebel Up Dj's, and Lowdjo of courzZz..

I read it for the first time, here.
Jean Booty! aka the crazy mixtape hero

The climate of the room will be manipulated, so YOU can experience the music through weather conditions.. tropical heat, storm, rain, fog, air humidity, etc.. I'll make sure there's some thunder from time to time ;-)))

(22h ---> 5h)

and here's a promo-video of the previous Climate Jockey... a taster..

Et si l'homme... from Piedlabiche on Vimeo.

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