Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are We Here Yet? ..April Fool's Day..

Photo by Pierre Coulibeuf

"Since the American choreographer Meg Stuart showed Disfigure Study at the 1991 Klapstuk festival in Louvain and set up her Damaged Goods company in Brussels in 1994, she has become a key figure in contemporary dance. In Are we here yet? she reflects on her own practice in dialogue with Jeroen Peeters and several past and present members of Damaged Goods."

"Are we here yet?
links together significant moments from Stuart’s artistic career by means of reflections on creation, performing, improvisation and dramaturgy. In addition, the book includes illustrations, documents and performance scripts, as well as an actual guide with exercises."

The book presentation will take place after the 1st of April performance of

After the presentation of Meg Stuart's book (around 22:00), I'll be spinning some records for a couple of hours in the bar of the Kaaitheater... so feel free to drop by and say hi!

Link to the event

p.s. this is not a joke!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Presenting Dr. Green Cheese...

Last weekend was my birthday and I turned... OLD!
So I thought it's about time to present my alter ego's I have been using the last few months, years... and share this with the world.

Some of you might already know me as Dj Fiësto who has been spoiling the Brussels kids with his crazy Disco Kids sets... Well next to that I'm also deejaying under the moniker Dr. Green Cheese, who's mostly focused on abstract &
off-beat hiphop, wonky and glitchy music, my last Cheez set:

Together with Sheperd I mixed a whole Cheez-trilogy together, called Give 'Em Enough Cheese! That's definitely worth checking out:

Give'm enough cheese! by Umbrelladelika records

The first Cheez mix I did, about 6 months ago:

As this is not enough to keep me busy I also created a more 'experimental' alter ego, called Dj SickSickSick.. who focuses mostly on ambient, drones and noise. For this I also deejay but also use Buddha Machines and other 'musical machines'. Listen to the first buddha-experiment I did about 8 months ago:

+ mixed:

or a psychedelic mix by Sick:

Much more secrets hidden in Lowdjo's vaults..... SO STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UBD Beukt! This Saturday!!

My Birthday Party!!!

..tight schedule

22h - 23h: RoachBugInSink
23h - 00h: Dr Green Cheese & Shepherd
00h - 0h30: Subtronic
0h30 - 1h15: Egon Fisk
01h15 - 2h15: Morg.ho
02h15 - 03h: HosmOz
03h - 04h: Ucture
04h - 4h45: Wasted Matter
04h45 - 5h45: John Dark
05h45 - 06h: ... & Lowdjo
06h00: blub..blub..

Presented by Umbrelladelika

Lowdjo on OndaSonora Radio

Download Radioshow (51mb)

Morgan Caney / Kamal Joory - Darling - City Centre Offices
Illum Sphere - Medusa - Fat City Records
Dabrye - Walk - Fat City Records
Gonjasufi - Kowboyz & Indians - Warp
The Gaslamp Killer - Intro + Anything Worse - Brainfeeder
Xberg Dhirty6 Cru - Rapschreibreform - Sonig
Fulgeance - Haggis - Rush Hour
Monkey Steak - Tigris Riddim - Steak House Records


Over Again - Young David - CDR (Onda Sonora selection)
Acidburp - Blargh - Caoutchou Records (Onda Sonora selection)
Débruit - Persian Funk - Civil Music
Dizz1 - Frazzled - Kindred Spirits
P.U.D.G.E. - Reign Dancing With The Stars - Rush Hour
Carlos Nino - Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlite rmx) - Ish Records
Loops Haunt - Huarache - Fortified Audio
Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated - Planet MU Records
Saul Williams - Niggy Tardust - Fader
Lil'Jon ft Fabo & Gucci Mane - I'm A J (Dev79 Remix) - Street Bass Anthems


Matt Shadetek - Strength In Numbers - The Agriculture
DVA feat. Durrty Goodz - I'm Pissed - DVA Music (Onda Sonora selection)

Some links:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Upcoming Radio Shows 14th & 16th of March

Sunday 14th of March -- Radio Panik -- 105.4FM (Brussels Region)

UBD Beukt! Promo Show!!!

22h until midnight w/ RoachBugInCan & Sheperd

Stream HERE

Tuesday 16th of March -- FM Brussel -- 98.8FM (Brussels Region)

Onda Sonora Radio Show -- RELEASE Promo Show!!!

22h -> 23h or Stream this show until the 23rd of March

Thursday, March 4, 2010

O.S.T. of Control °° Thu. 4th of March °° Liège

Thursday the 4th of March, from 18h until 22h.. I'll be dropping a visit by the opening of the exposition with different works from the collective Les Oiseaux Sans Tête, who are good friends of mine and you might remember if you saw Chez Jacky, Studio Marcel or ever visited Disco Kids??

They worked all year for this so expectations are high! It's part of the 7th Biennale for Photography and Visual Arts in Liège.

More info on the expo: HERE.

I will bringing some fresh sounds to heat up the grand opening!

Adress: Ancienne Eglise Saint-André
Place du Marché 27
4000 Liège