Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Presenting Dr. Green Cheese...

Last weekend was my birthday and I turned... OLD!
So I thought it's about time to present my alter ego's I have been using the last few months, years... and share this with the world.

Some of you might already know me as Dj Fiësto who has been spoiling the Brussels kids with his crazy Disco Kids sets... Well next to that I'm also deejaying under the moniker Dr. Green Cheese, who's mostly focused on abstract &
off-beat hiphop, wonky and glitchy music, my last Cheez set:

Together with Sheperd I mixed a whole Cheez-trilogy together, called Give 'Em Enough Cheese! That's definitely worth checking out:

Give'm enough cheese! by Umbrelladelika records

The first Cheez mix I did, about 6 months ago:

As this is not enough to keep me busy I also created a more 'experimental' alter ego, called Dj SickSickSick.. who focuses mostly on ambient, drones and noise. For this I also deejay but also use Buddha Machines and other 'musical machines'. Listen to the first buddha-experiment I did about 8 months ago:

+ mixed:

or a psychedelic mix by Sick:

Much more secrets hidden in Lowdjo's vaults..... SO STAY TUNED!

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Anonymous said...

wooooooooooooooot! love that cheeze!