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Do You Speak European 2010 - Promo Mix

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Some words about the "Do You Speak European promo-mix"..

1. Intro - The European Anthem - Ludwig Van Beethoven

By L'Orchestre D'Harmonie Des Jeunes De L'union Européenne conducted by André Reichling
..played by young people for young people..

2. M83 - Waves, Waves, Waves (France)

M83 (named after the spiral galaxy "Messier 83") is electronic artist Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez and former member Nicolas Fromageau founded the group in 2001 in Antibes, France. M83's style owes a lot to the shoegaze genre, in that there is much emphasis on tonality, extensive use of reverb effects and often softly-spoken lyrics at times submerged in instrumentation.

3. Planeta Moldova - Valera (Portishead mix) (Moldova)

Planeta Moldova is a comedy group formed in Romania by Mitoș Micleușanu and Florin Braghiș, citizens of Republic of Moldova. They are known for irony and sarcasm in sketches, animations and music using a russified Moldavian language.

4. Lura - Bida Mariadu (Portugal)

Lura, born Maria de Lurdes Pina Assunção (born 1975 in Lisbon, Portugal) is a singer and musician. Born in Portugal to Cape-Verdian parents. Her compositions are based on traditional Cape-Verdian music as for example the Morna, Funaná and Batuque, and influenced by African and contemporary Western music.

5. Zgomot - Nomad (Romania)

Zgomot is Radu Dumitrescu from Arad, Romania. He's an upcoming young producer who combines traditional folk elements with contemporary electronic genres as glitch, dub, breakbeats & dubstep. "This is a glitchy breakbeat, with a gypsy violin trip" is what the man says about the track.

6. Ekstrak - Mass Dampers (United Kingdom)

Ekstrak, hailing from London.. don't know much about the man, all i know is that this is one of my favourite dubstep tracks ever! All the generic hallmarks are in place, super clean and heavy heavy heavy bassline, digidub chord stabs, and a few token rasta samples. This will make you dance like a gibbon, big business!

7. Notabene - Eclipsati (Moldova)

All I can say about Notabene is that they're a Moldavian hip-hop band.. anyone?

8. Baloji - Tout Ceci Ne Vous Rendra Pas Le Congo (Belgium)

Baloji, former MC of Starflam, is a Belgian rapper with Congolese roots. Born in Lubumbashi, he lived in Kinshasa, Ostende and Liège where he started his careers. After leaving Starflam in 2004, he decided to leave the music business for good. After 25 years without any contact, he received a letter from his mother. As they spoke on the phone she asked him what he had done in all those years. After a lot of reflexion he finally answered and produced a biographic album titled Hotel Impala (2007), where this track is taken from.

9. Beatbully - Skweeed (Norway)

Beatbully is an upcoming artist from Oslo in a new musical style called 'Skweee', with origin in Nordic countries Sweden & Finland. Skweee combines simple synth leads and basslines with funk, r'n'b or soul-like rythms, overall rendering a stripped-down funky sound. The tracks are mostly entirely instrumental, though there are exceptions. The name Skweee was coined by Daniel Savio, one of the originators of the emerging sound and later featured in this mix. The name 'Skweee' refers to the use of vintage synthesizers in the production process, where the aim is to "squeeze out" the most interesting sounds possible.

10. Sinestet - Zidjan (Bonus Traka) (Croatia)

Sinestet is a collective of MC's, producers and other artists who are connected with a love for hip-hop music and create music on their own, independent audio-visual way. It was founded by AC3PO (Alexander Dobras) Magellan (Ivan Vukovic) and Tourette Theron (Bogumil Kulaga), in order to assemble a team of artists who will primarily work on quality music, with 100% authorial control, without restriction and without appeasement trends.

11. Shepherd - Vleamarket (Belgium)

Shepherd aka Julien Itterbeek, born and raised in Brussels.. what we call a real 'Brusseleir', is featured on this mix with a fresh track that will come out on his own label called "Umbrelladelika Records", somewhere early 2011. His free ep released in 2009 was in Mogwai's top 5 of net-releases and he also got a great review over at Chirpradio in Chicago ( It was released as a free MP3 download on the obscure Acroplane label, so be sure to grab it while you can. This is one evil, mind bending album and it accompanies me very often these days from start to finish. --->>

12. Rebel aka Unikkatil ft. Vz, Klepto & Milot - Tqoj Pesh (Albania)

Unikkatil (birth name Viktor Palokaj, also known as Rebel; born in 1981 in Pristina, successful rapper and producer, who is generally viewed and as the ‘King’ (also self proclaimed) of the Albanian hip-hop scene. He has been one of the prolific pioneers of Shqip Rap (Albanian Rap) since 1994. Unikkatil has continued producing successful tunes while living in the Bronx, New York.

13. Melkeveien & Nino - Yo! (Norway)

Melekeveien (what means 'Milky Way') & Nino are both artists featured on the Dodpop label, the first Norwegian record label to specialize in Skweee music, founded in Oslo by Roberto Lorenzo, Kristian Moller Johansen and Bard Harazi Farbu in 2008.

14. Ceza - Holocaust (Turkey)

CEZA was born in Istanbul / Turkey in 1977. His interest in music started in his primary school days with tapes that he borrowed from his friend. His professional career started when he met Dr Fuchs and formed NEFRET. In 1998,they have recorded couple of songs. Four of these were released in a compilation album called YERALTI OPERASYONU together with 3 other rap acts. Right after this compilation they caught Hammer Muzik's attention and signed a multi album contract. In 2000, their debut album "Meclisi Ala Istanbul" was released.

15. Daniel Savio - Tough Guy Music (Sweden)

Another great skweee-track by the 'originator'! (See Beatbully - Skweeed)

16. Sertab Erener - Music (Turkey)

Sertab Erener (born December 4, 1964, Istanbul) is a well-known Turkish pop star, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 with Everyway That I Can in Riga, Latvia. She was originally educated professionally as an opera singer and has a well-tamed soprano voice. However, she proceeded to establish herself in popular music. Initially working with Sezen Aksu, another significant Turkish music star, she released her first album Sakin Ol in 1992, followed by Lal (1994), Sertab Gibi (1996), Sertab (1999) and Turuncu (2001). This track is a Madonna-cover and Sertab gives it a Turkish atmosphere, simply amazing.

17. Dj SuperStereo - Fanfare Ciocarlia ft. Jay-Z - Encore (mashup) (Hungary)

Dj Superstereo is Viktor Laskai from Budapest, Debrecen in Hungary. He combines authentic Balkan Gypsy music with 'modern dance' elements. all aimed at the dancefloor!

18. Fanfare Tirana - Me Ka Shku Menja Me U Fejue (Enjoy Your High-Heeled Shoes) (Albania)

Fanfara Tirana is an absolute novelty among Balkan brass bands. In comparison with traditional Slavic brass bands this one is different and new thanks to the well articulate music language which is essentially based on a very enthralling melodic path with the support of other instruments. Melody is committed to the clarinet, sax-alto, trumpet and sax tenor expressing their style of pure improvisation defined as "kaba" (typical of music from South Albania) and "gazel" (typical of music from Tirana and neighburing villages).

19. Postolar Tripper - Vuci, Cile I Balave Sapile (Croatia)

After several years of publishing a break, a group of Shoemaker Tripper from Zadar returned stronger than ever! They sing about the 'Babe', people with chronic lack of their own lives, politics, wandering, friends and all things which people do not deal with otherwise. Music is played with reggae, ska, hip-hop, funk and folk movements. The featured track is taken from the popular Balkan Beats-series.

20. Fanfare Ciocarlia ft. Esma Redzepova - Ibrahim (Romania)

Fanfare Ciocărlia is a popular twelve-piece gypsy brass band from the northeastern Romanian village of Zece Prăjini. The band began as a loose assemblage of part-time musicians playing at local weddings and other festivities. In October 1996, the German sound engineer and record producer Henry Ernst visited Zece Prajini and convinced a number of the musicians there to assemble a touring band. These musicians decided to name the band Fanfare Ciocărlia: Fanfare being a French word that has passed into Romanian and is used to designate a brass band; Ciocârlia being the Romanian word for the skylark. For this song they are joined by legendary Macedonian singer Esma Redzepova

21. Kati Kovacs - Add Mar Uram Az Esöt (Hungary)

Having recorded her debut LP for Qualiton in 1971, Kovacs took a role as the principal actress in "The Girl", the debut film by Marta Mazeros, the Hungarian New Wave's leading female director. Mazeros commitment to the Hungarian Rock Scene was central to her early career and saw a number of singers double-up as actors and actresses in front of the camera which served as a feature length pop-promos, pushing gregarious artists like Kati Kovacs further into the line of the public eye. By the mid eighties Kovacs would become a house hold name in Hungary as one of the standout female pop mascots alongside Sarolta Zalatnay and Szucha Koncz. This track was re-issued on Finders Keepers records.

22. Bloc Party - Mercury (United Kingdom)

Bloc Party are an English Alternative rock band. In 2005, the band released their critically acclaimed debut album Silent Alarm. Their second studio album, A Weekend in the City was released on February 5, 2007 in the United Kingdom and February 6 in the United States. A third album, Intimacy, was released in August 2008 as a download and later as a CD release on October 27. The band consists of Kele Okereke (vocals, guitar), Russell Lissack (guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass, vocals) and Matt Tong (drums). This track was released as a single off the Intimacy-album.

23. Fulgeance - Haggis (France)

Fulgeance’s music is a perfect blend of huge, synth-laced French Electro and modern Instrumental Hip Hop. He takes club music into the realm of intelligent musical arrangements, yet always remains 'dumb' enough to work the floor. He plays live via two MPC's and is completely mind blowing to watch. His fast paced and energetic performance approach is a refreshing outlook from the 'head in your laptop' era. This fun and highly talented musician is one to watch!

24. Slagmalsklubben - Dysparennia (Sweden)

Slagsmålsklubben (often abbreviated as SMK) is an electro/pop group from Norrköping, Sweden. The name Slagsmålsklubben is a Swedish translation of "The Fight Club", referring to the popular novel and movie. They have released three full length albums so far. Along with their side projects, they have been featured on Björk's compilation CD Army of Me: Remixes and Covers. SMK's members are Björn Nilsson, Hannes Stenström, Joakim "Beebop" Nybom, Joni Mälkki, Kim Nilsson, and Frej Larsson.

25. Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. - Bang (Buraka Carnival rmx by Buraka Som Sistema) (Portugal)

From the suburbs of Lisbon, Buraka Som Sistema brings us a new kind of "kuduro" (Angolan dance). It mixes electronic sounds with the traditional beat of Kuduro (or Kuduru), resulting in a stimulating sound for your ears. The project is born out of the need to re-connect with urban music deepest realities. Produced by Dj Riot, Lil' John (Cooltrain Crew / Enfuchada) and Conductor (Conjunto Ngonguenha), with Kalaf as MC. It is the fast-paced kuduro that sends the adrenaline soaring amongst the countrys youth. There is nothing that exemplifies newfound peace in Angola better than kuduro, this unique mixture of kizomba and techno now spreading into Europe via Portugal. Ace.

26. Outro by Silver Apples - Beethovan Jambalaya


Mixed by Lowdjo & Ancient Delay at the Comphusion HQ, April 2010





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