Monday, June 21, 2010

Peer Pressure CheezZz -Teaser

Dr. Green Cheese & Shepherd 26th of June

Next saturday Shepherd & Dr. Green Cheese are performing at the Peer Pressure festival at the Old Zoo in Doornzele (close to Ghent). There will be 25 hours non-stop-music on two stages!!!

A lot of amazing artists performing, some names: Capitol K, Onra, BaconHead, Coco Bryce, Title, Mike Dred, Wasted Matter and many more...

Dr. Green Cheese & Shepherd's set around 18h45, mainstage...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sat. 19th of June Boum! Party @ BelleVue

Flesh, Steel & Codecs @ f0am - 18th of June

During this research gathering Eisa Jocson and Angelo Vermeulen talk about recent work in which they explore notions of the body and its relation to space and technology.

Eisa Jocson presents 'Stainless Borders: The Deconstruction of Architectures of Control', a current project that merges the urban landscape and pole dancing. The project explores and maps the relationship between the human body and the urban landscape through movement defined by a pole dance vocabulary. 'Stainless Borders’ started in Manila, and has now expanded to Brussels and Sint-Niklaas. It is an alternative practice that tries to challenge perspectives towards how our bodies move within the urban landscape. Eisa Jocson is artist in residence at FoAM from May till June 2010, and is currently developing an experimental video project at SoundImageCulture in Brussels.

In his presentation Angelo Vermeulen talks about the latest developments in his ongoing 'Corrupted C#n#m#' project. 'Corrupted C#n#m#' is an amorphous, process-oriented art project which explores new and old media through biological and digital experimentation. Essentially, the project debunks the myth of the immateriality of digital media. For the Canvascollectie Vermeulen teamed up with jewelry designer Walter Bresseleers to create data-corrupting cybercockroaches. The armor of these hybrid creatures contains electronics that can disrupt digital data streams. Bresseleers will briefly elucidate the potential role of silversmithing in media arts.

+ Lowdjo

June 18 Friday, 7pm: Research gathering at FoAM, Brussels (Koolmijnenkaai 30-34, 4th floor)