Thursday, September 16, 2010

Umbrelladelika's Second Release Night

On Friday the 24th of September Umbrelladelika is releasing another record, right after the recent Viud Moth, read more about this & order through the UBD-website. To celebrate the fresh release Umbrelladelika organised a night full of music adventures in Recyclart, so I thought it's about time to do a proper introduction of the artists performing that night..

21h --- Polle Van De Gash x Lowdjo (DJ - UK/BE)

Polle, co-founder of the Amateur Athletics-label cooked up an amazing taster!

Makes sure you check his blog for more tasty treats:

22h30 --- Egon Fisk ---> soundz

23h30 --- Shepherd & Phoebus (LIVE - BE/JP) ---> soundz + Riddle Of The Unflocked (free ep)

0h30 --- Sunken Foal (LIVE - UK)

01h30 --- Herrmutt Lobby (LIVE - BE)

02h30 --- Fulgeance (LIVE - FR)

03h30 --- Baconhead (LIVE - UK)

04h30 --- RoachBugInCan (DJ - BE)

And of course my promom!x ;-)

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