Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bains::Connective @ Recyclart

"During one week, the Brussels based artistic workspace Bains Connective nests at Recyclart, while preparing the Plankton Bar #36.

Meanwhile the ingredients of the Plankton Bars are well known: a cosy lounge, where one can taste from several artistic interventions, without time or any other pressure.

"On the program: ambient drones
with a dark touch, all centered around improvisation with the Buddha Machines by Dj SickSickSick & Ancient Delay (Comphusion, BE) accompanied by their own 'psychedelic' visuals; work in progress by the inflammable French theater collective Théâtre Molotof; an endorphin concert by electroacoustic tightrope walker sHEPARD -electrosoft in public garden, accompanied with visuals by Visual Kitchen (BE) ;all this nicely rounded up by DJ Lowdjo who will, in his own inimitable style, blend together the finest tracks"

Friday, 5th of November - 21:00 -> 01:30 - Recyclart - 5€

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