Monday, February 21, 2011

Fri. 4th of March - Living Room Show

After 'A Place Called Jamaica', the musical journey continues..

This time, two intimate concerts by The Craving Deer & Ancient Sickness

FREE - Friday 4th of March @ Antz' crib

Please bring some to eat & drink.. Free donation for the artists..

The Craving Deer create a very fragile breed of folk music, kindly drawing the listener into an intimist twilight zone where the only beacons are passion, silence, and the thin line between life and death.

Ancient Sickness is Ancient Delay & Dj SickSickSick's joint project. Starting from improvisation with the three generations of Buddha-machines then slowly adding different layers of carefully chosen frequencies to the mix. They create a powerful psychedelic collage of slightly dark, ambient soundscapes. Accompanied by their own visuals, one not to miss!

LIMITED CAPACITY! drop me a message if you want to reserve

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