Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7" Pinch - Lowdjo's Rattling Jukebox

Discrepant brings back the man responsible for the 7" Pinch, Brussels based DJ Lowdjo, for his second contribution to the series and 4th instalment for Discrepant.

And he's twisted it around again for us, after his previous 'marinade' of rare psych singles and glitchy modern twisters, Lowdjo now takes us to a crackling world of reeling weirdness. From the pristine field recordings of Chris Watson to the virtuoso finger-picking of the late Jack Rose, Lowdjo spins these plates like a possessed juke box diabolically planning its retirement party.

Forget CDs, LPs and MP3s and surrender with us, one more time, to the power of the 7" Pinch!


Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus (10m)
Mike Vainio - Behind The Radiators
D_rradio - Some Other Time
Colleen - Babies
Christian Fennesz plays Charles Matthews
Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory - Darling (rmx)
('aisikl) - Requiem for John Fahey
Jack Rose - Mr. Rose Visits Washington D.C.
B. Fleischmann - Toru Okada
Hrvatski - Une Drôle De Journée
Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow
Coh Vox Tinitus - Silence Is Golden
Flotel - Bowd (Isan 'Timber Falls Motel' Mix)
Allan Hughes - Interference

Head over to to listen or download this m!x!

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