Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Brussels Up! @ Recyclart Holidays

Next thursday, the 4th of August, I'll be deejaying one last time at the Recyclart Holidays Festival, as part of the Brussels Up! Soundsystem.

I'm pretty excited since Recyclart programmed Digital Me

"Cut, paste & destroy, and it's mostly based on a dirty hip hop beat, chopped samples and delay manipulations"
..sounds like my kind of band ;-)

For this last one I'll be playing some Turkish beats.. Anatolian hip-hop & fresh Turk-edits with a psyched out Istanbul-sauce to top it off!

I'll definitely drop some tracks from my Vlek Promomix I did for Subcity Radio.

Amai Nie - Vlek Promom!x on Subcity Radio, Glasgow by Lowdjo


Squeaky Lobster - Saint Seiya
Squeaky Lobster - Flying Rupees
Débruit - Mezdé
Squeaky Lobster - Runnin' Amok
Grup Ses - Puf De
Squeaky Lobster - Turkish Delight
Tandy Love - Indian Zone Drum Killer Inc.
Squeaky Lobster - Aarnivalkea
Lapti - Sunpunch
Cupp Cave - Thoughtograph
Squeaky Lobster - The Magic Carpet Interlude
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Promises
Cupp Cave - Mind Bones
Chairman Kato - Fighting Fires
Dem Hunger - Squint Fucker


Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brussels Up! & Rebel Up! Youtube Night!

"The music video/dvd/clip is currently thé most versatile medium in Africa, Asia and South America for spreading music and culture. The growing access to internet in these parts of the world has made it possible for more and more of these music clips finding their way on Youtube so that even people in the West can look and listen to music and artists from far corners of the world. The Rebel Up! dj`s will play a personal Youtube selection of unknown lo-fi pop, digital folk psyche clips straight out of this neverending treasure cave, all projected on a big screen (inside & outside) and in full sound."

Loyal to the Rebel Up! philosophy, this night is a fundraiser for a local, independent NGO: the Brussels foundation Les Petits Samurais, that offers basic help to children from immigrants who are without papers and without assured accomodation. The organisation will give a short presentation during this evening. More info HERE

This Thursday Brussels Up! Soundsystem is back @ Recyclart Holidays. Special night since we're warming up for the 4th Rebel Up! Soundclash on Belgian's Independence Day. This time they'll treat us to a Global lofi & Psycho Folkpop Youtube-night.

"Diasporic Sounds of the Global Underground"

Thursday 21st of July - 19:00 -> 01:00

Monday, July 11, 2011

Recyclart Holidays Fri. 15th of July

I'm happy to announce that I'll be closing the next Recyclart Holidays-party this Friday, I'm playing alongside Schizorkestik (BE),Yaaba Funk (UK), Filastine (US) & Harmonious Thelonious (DE)


22h-23h Schizorkestik (outside - Free)


0h - 1h30 Yaaba Funk
1h45 - 2h45 Filastine
3h - 4h Harmonious Thelonious
4h - 5h Lowdjo

I'm really looking forward to hearing some fresh Filastine tracks..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Are The World - Brussels Up!

This saturday, the 9th of July Brussels Up! Soundsystem is throwing their first party as a collective at the Black Buddah Warehouse!!! Traveling the world through music..

For this first party the collective, consisting of Sebcat, Darcyr & Leblanc, Quilombo & myself, will be supported by Markan vs Lofi Stories (La8)

Only 3 EUR from 23h till dawn @ The Black Buddha Warehouse

Top soundsystem, no neighbours, fair prices, food, space, the waterside and some industrial gloom... Come and support us... so we can invest in future events!

Friday, July 1, 2011