Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brussels Up! SoundSystem invites ZZK Records

On Friday the 9th of September Brussels Up! Soundsystem is inviting ZZK Records at Les Ateliers Claus! Some of the freshest music coming out of Latin America, don't miss this!!

The trio TREMOR researches folklore traditions and combines these rhythms and sounds across genre borders, fitting component parts of varying tradition together in eloquent symmetry. Their sound is equal parts electronic music, folklore and native drum and owes as much to anthropology as it does to popular music, breaking sound barriers across South America. Digital folklore for a new, global audience.

MATI ZUNDEL is the real life persona behind Lagartijeando and was raised on rhythms of the Argentinian backwoods. He dips his dance tracks in country folk gold where chacareras, huaynos, and vidalas two step with jungle electronica alongside a backdrop of charango guitar loops and shamanic chants. Songs give deference to ritual and maintain respect for tradition while pushing the old into a cosmic space future.

El G is the dj monniker of Grant C. Dull, the main gringo who co-founded the ZZK label in 2008 and runs the bilingual cultural website WhatsUpBuenosAires and Zizek Club. As a DJ he brings new sounds of digital cumbia, electro-reggaeton and Andean folklorico among other sound mutations to the decks.

BRUSSELS UP! SOUNDSYSTEM is a 5 headed crew of global music dj's, all from Brussels. DJ's SebCat, Lowdjo, Leblanc, Darcyr & Quilombo will spin tropical dance tunes for warming up and cooling down.

Listen to their Fall Tour Mixtape by El Rémolon

Limited capacity, come early!

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