Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Museum Night Fever - Royal Museum of The Armed Forces and of Military History - Saturday 3th of March 2012

Oiseaux Sans Tête / O.S.T. Collective

O.S.T. favors the creation of art projects in public spaces through interventions on site. The members are photographers, graphic designers, sociologists, filmmakers, builders, programmers, audio and visual artists. These birds develop and use audiovisual participatory techniques. Functioning as an experimental laboratory to artistic and social dimensions, the collective O.S.T. involves designers and public in matters relating to notions of identity, representation and imagination.

Continent Virtuel

Continent Virtuel is the digital branch of O.S.T. Collective (BE) and Studio Public (FR), an ever-evolving artistic platform, a virtuel continent grouping artists fascinated by the creation of fixed and animated images, music, interactive installations and performances. As the house-vj during MNF Continent Virtuel will ensure a permanent visual cat.

Ashigaru aka Dj G.I.L. (OST)

"Ashigaru" were foot-soldiers of medieval Japan. It's also the name of the project created by the "audio-plasticien-dj" G.I.L. for this event. He will present a soundscape consisting of sound bits, story-board and djing. His set matches both the special surroundings and the images projected by his "VJ" friends from Continent Virtuel. Ashigaru is a member of the Brussels multidisciplinary collective O.S.T.

Ancient Delay (Comphusion)

Ancient Delay uses software, hardware, various prepared (semi)acoustic instruments, vinyl- and cdj-decks, modified tapes and tapeplayers, home built noise boxes, contact-mics and other unidentified (an)organic equipment to produce sounds you've never heard before.

(OST / Comphusion)

Lowdjo takes you on a journey with his ethnic beats extra-ordinaire. For his set at Museum Night Fever he'll make references to the army, war & occupied countries by using excerpts from films, dictator speeches, war-recordings, etc.. all this laced together by a tantalizing mix of contemporary electronix. Lowdjo takes you on a dizzying trip exploring the globe's weird musical heritage.

From 7pm to 2am - MAP

Museum Night Fever 2012

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