Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sea Box aka LIVE @ Vrijstaat-O

Last saturday I did a six hour set in Ostend, while watching the sea.. Since it's a special day for me today I thought I'd share about 228 minutes of this trip. In the mix a lot of music I love and listen to at home but almost never get the chance to play out.. Discover for yourself!

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Leyland Kirby - My Dream Contained A Star
Swod - Largo
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
Swod - Hellerau
Clark - Black Stone
Sunken Foal - Colloidal Glass
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Recat
Brian Eno - Spirits Drifting
Swod - Sans Peau
Demdike Stare - Extwistle Hall
Demdike Stare Meets Shangaan Electro
Peaking Lights - Synthy
Jonny Trunk - Snowblind
Brian Eno - Sombre Reptiles
Paper Dollhouse - Daisies
Peaking Lights - Amazing and Wonderful
Lucrecia Dalt - Too Much Light
Gonjasufi - The Blame
No Fixed Above - Indian Street Slang
eLan - 2in5four
Double Helix - Supreme Architecture
Dj Rupture + Matt Shadetek - Sunset B35
Amen Ra - Essence Investigation
Filastine ft. Nova - Colony Collapse
Zomby - Trapdoor
Candie Hank - Chasing
? - The Space Invaders rerip
US69 - Yesterday's Folks
? - The Excorcist rerip
Saratoga Space Messengers - Surf
Crazy Dogs (JP Massiera- Duck Duck
Fusioon - Contraste
Las Grecas - Bella Kali
Las Trillizas De Oro - Pocholoco
Teddy Lasry - Krazy Kat
Spongemagnet - Black Mass (Live Version)
Gonjasufi - White Picket Fence
Spirit - The Other Song
Grup Ses - Fidayda 2011
Free The Robots - Turkish Voodoo
Dj Mahmut - Sulukule
Gonjasufi - Feedin' Birds
Billy Green - Amanda
Irmin Schmidt - Endstation Freiheit
Rod Hunter - Apache
Driver&Driver - Kuchen (Henry Machini Version)
Alessandro Alessandroni & Nora Orlandi - Demon Arise
Pierre Cavalli - Un Soir Chez Norris
? - Frankenstein rerip
Ennio Morricone - Volta Definitiva
Herman's Rocket - Space Woman
Bappi Lahiri - Meri Jaan
Sohail Rana - Cobra Sway
Mangamma Sabatham - Coca Cola Coca Cola
Hassan Jahangir - Mareena Mareena
Angi Natchathram - Raaja Rajathi
Soreng Santi - Iron Man
Erkin Koray - Cemalim
Yud Thana Hantanong (Ghenghis Khan cover)
Urfali Babi - Disko Kebap (Baris K edit)
Tuu Direk Amadtayakul (80s thaï rap)


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