Friday, May 25, 2012

Summerish Tape (2008)

Lately I've been going through some of my old mixes. This 'Summerish-mix' is still one of my alltime favorites so I thought I'd share it again now that the temperature is finally rising in rainy Belgium.. Originally recorded on tape and digitized especially for YOU!

side a:

fennesz - endless summer
georges delerue - thème de camille (le mépris)
brian eno - sombre reptiles
vincent gallo - her smell theme
animal collective - street flash
hrsta - beau village
yma sumac - ataypura (high andes)
es - twenty-five twenty-five
gal costa - tuareg
excepter - sunrise
broadcast - you can fall
vincent gallo - and a colored sky colored grey
rings - all right peace
tuk - low carb love
primal scream - living dub

side b:

primal scream - living dub
les vampyrettes - biomutanten
can - spoon
lydia lunch - smoke in the shadows
brian eno - sky saw
magoo - pink dust
holger czukay - fragrance
devendra banhart - i heard somebody say
thurston moore - the shape is in a trance
telefon tel aviv - when it happens it moves all by itself
arab strap - leave the day free
deerhoof - after me the deluge
tortoise - ry cooder

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