Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 Inch Pinch: Thaï Echoes -- Discrepant

Discrepant is proud to present a beautifull hybrid themed mix made of rare 7'' from the Siam kingdom better known now as Thailand.
Lowdjo, Belgium DJ and digger extraordinaire as well as the principal instigator and main contributor of our popular 7'' Pinch series, treats us with a special global echoes Thai 7'' only extravaganza. For those of you who don't follow this closely that means a mix not only made entirely of 7'' but also a showcase of the rarest, weirdest and most fascinanting tunes the country has to offer. A two-in-one sort of thing...we invite you to get lost with us on this backwater journey through the rich musical heritage of the land of smiles!
...and if you dig this sort of thing, and we know you do, you should continue the journey by supporting an artist that actually travels to physically dig and uncover these tunes as opposed to just 'googling' away from his comfortable computer takes not only sweat, commitment and passion to pull these mixes off but also an unfortunate financial pit hole making it hard to continue...To do help it continue, and make these things possible you can show your support by checking out another exclusive mix by Lowdjo, this time pressed to a limited edition K7 of Thai goodness!

A continuation of the Global Echoes concept, this two hour mixtape travels through funk rarities, demented spaghetti western covers to traditional folk hits and dusty, crackling psychedelic surf ballads. Mostly constructed from a couple of visits to the now infamous Paradise Bangkok record shop, this K7 serves as another reminder of how rich and powerfull non-western music (at least in spirit) can be.

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