Monday, December 17, 2012

Thu. 20.12.12 - Dronology 0.1 - Ghent

FREE ! ambient/drones/experimental/noise

Live Performances by

Cédric Stevens

Cédric Stevens’ career began in 93 as a DJ and techno producer under the pseudonym Acid Kirk.
He quickly established himself as a pivotal figure in the Belgian underground,
producing over a dozen 12’’ and EPs.
In 97, driven by his growing interest in experimental music, he launched his side project:
“The Syncopated Elevators Legacy” (S.E.L.). The project served as a vehicle for Cédric
to explore a more ambitious sound, based around experimentation rather than repetitive beats.
Across the next decade, several EPs and mini LPs were released on different labels,
each one with its very own specific approach. From experiments in electric currents
and serpent patching (Siamese Level EP) to his own take on ‘musique concrete’
(Still Between the Battle & the Sheet EP) S.E.L.’s sound never ceased to investigate
the most improbable sound sources as compositional tools.
Just fresh of re-releasing an acclaimed anthology of his past work
with remixes from Fennesz, My Cat Is An Alien, Burning Star Core and more,
Cédric is now focussing his energies on the full potential and dynamic harmonies between
drone, noise and pastoral ambient.

80000 and The Lincolnshire Poacher

Both born in the lowlands albeit on opposite sides of the North Sea (in East Flanders & Lincolnshire).
This is an Anglo-Belgian alliance – the sounds of shared sensibilities and different experiences coming together.

Ancient Sickness

Ancient Delay & Dj SickSickSick’s joint project. Starting from improvisation with the three generations of Buddha-machines,
then slowly adding different layers of carefully chosen frequencies to the mix.
They create a powerful psychedelic collage of dark, ambient soundscapes.


Create ur Somnia is a project of Ruben Void. fieldrecordings,
deep drones and eerie didgeridoo sounds speaking tales of the archetypes expressed in nature and in dream.


The birdless feather shrieks its lament in despair.
The wild beast gnaws on the bones of humanity.
In the beak of the abyss the razor cuts the tongue.
And feather and beast and razor are Noctri.
(Sonic poetry)

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