Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sat. 21th of December - Dubna, Russia

With great pleasure I can announce that I'll be doing an experimental, avantgardistic set at The Library of The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in the scientific city of Dubna, Russia. 

The festival where I'm playing is all about tributes to Frank Zappa who has his birthday on the 21st, really curious about those Russian bands and their interpretations..

I packed my particle accelerator for a weird mutant set, exploring different territories.. a load of records I hardly get to play in Brussels or any other European cities.. One thing's for sure, I will not be playing any Zappa-tracks ;)

Quite excited about djing for some eminent Russian scientists. The Russian Gods just dropped a bunch of fresh snow here in Moscow so let's hope I get their on time :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Modern Love Tape by Oblomow

Normally I don't post other people's shit but this is just too good! 

One of my favorite labels, dig in

Suum Quique - Kuiper Anomaly (Ascetic Ideals - 2012)
The Stranger - Grey Day Drift (Watching Dead Empires In Decay - 2013)
G.H. - Earth (Ground - 2011)
Miles - Technocracy (Unsecured - 2013)
Jack Dice - Sangre Grande (Block Motel - 2012)
The Stranger - About To Enter A Strange New Period - 2013)
DeepChord Presents Echospace - Sub-Marine (Liumin - 2010)
Miles Whittaker - Archaic Thought Pattern 1 (Faint Hearted - 2013)
Miles - Infinite Jest (Unsecured - 2013)
Vatican Shadow - Operation Neptune Spear Part 2 Live Mix Rehearsal (Ornamented Walls - 2012)
Demdike Stare - Dysology (Testpressing #003 - 2013)
Miles Whittaker - Status Narcissism (Faint Hearted - 2013)
Jack Dice - Mister Frosty (Block Motel - 2012)
Andy Stott - Up The Box (Luxury Problems - 2013)
Demdike Stare - Misappropriation (Testpressing #001 - 2013)
Pendle Coven - Habitual Stress (Habitual Stress - 2007)
Demdike Stare - Ishmael's Intent (Elemental: Iris - 2012)
Suum Quique - Deus Ex Machine (Ascetic Ideals - 2012)
Andy Stott - Dark Details (Passed Me By - 2011)
Demdike Stare - Primitive Equitations (Testpressing #002 - 2013)
Rainer Veil - Struck (Struck - 2013)
Demdike Stare - Collision (Testpressing #002 - 2013)
Demdike Stare - Erosion Of Mediocrity (Elemental: Rose - 2012)
Andy Stott - Lost and Found (Luxury Problems - 2013)
Vatican Shadow - Operation Neptune Spear Part 3 Live Mix Rehearsal (Ornamented Walls -2012)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Noises Part II Gonzo & Lowdjo - Out Now on Discrepant

Following on their success with the first Noise(s) trilogy, Gonzo and Lowdjo return to the tape format to further delve and twist into the less known musical genres of our planet.
Part 2 of the NOISE(S) series sees the djs explore the booming world of Dabke and Chaabi by using on location field recordings, street CDrs, old cassettes, unreleased compositions and impromptu experiments.

The tapes are SOLD OUT in the UK but I still have a some copies lying around, so get in touch if you want some!!

CREPTP08 Dabke Noise(s) by Gonzo
Non-stop 40mins romp through re-arranged Dabke loops. All material was sourced from field recordings and CDrs purchased in the northern regions of Jordan.
Tape art made of cave paintings from the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

CREPTP09 Chaabi Noise(s) by Lowdjo
One long 90mins burst of revolutionary Chaabi from Morocco and Egypt. Future arabic synth & electro boogie straight from the Cairo.

The release is presented and sold as one bundle of 2xK7s with 130 mins of continuous music across 4 sides. 50 copies

DISCLAIMER: These tapes are a collage mix of several artists and original compositions from the middle east and North African regions. Samples are used from 3mins to 3 secs in an experimental mixtape fashion. To have an exhaustive tracklist of every artist used would be impossible as a lot of the material was sourced, unmarked, in local markets. All sales aim to cover production costs and to be re-invested into the label's activities.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Representation by Earconditioning

I'm happy to announce that from now on I'll be represented by Earconditioning, based in Santa Cruz - Tenerife. Excited to be on the roster with Gonjasufi, D. Wattsriot, Fun-Da-Mental, Grenouille, KingLMan, RoughAmericana, The Moody Boys & Socos Duo. 

For the occasion I rewrote my biography.. here you go

Lowdjo, hailing from Brussels, has been djing for 15 years under different alter ego's and has an extremely varied taste what probably makes him the most eclectic dj in Belgium. Whether he's playing tunes for kids, rocking a big festival crowd or banging hardcore beats in an underground squat, he leaves every crowd astonished.

Lowdjo has always had a preference for the more bizarre, obscure & experimental music. He takes you on a journey with his ethnic beats extraordinaire, all laced together by a tantalizing mix of contemporary electronics. Lowdjo takes you on a dizzying trip exploring the globe's weird musical heritage.

He joined Foton Records during the early 00's, who organized the legendary FOtones-nights in his hometown and abroad. Dropping different vibes and putting dancefloors on fire in over 10 countries, spread over two continents, playing along with many of his heroes like: Einstürzende Neubauten, Pole, Emir Kusturica & his No Smoking Orchestra, DJ/ rupture, The Herbaliser, Modeselektor, Jack Dangers (MeatBeatManifesto), Alpha Blondy, just to name a few.

The last few years Lowdjo has been releasing a lot of cassettes through his Belgian label Comphusion and he also releases music on London's Discrepant label together with Gonçalo Cardoso.

Lowdjo & Gonzo are a live/dj/audio visual duo whose performance aims to deconstruct the rigid structure of folk and world music. By pinpointing music styles from all over the world they create an ingenious mishmash of (un)popular music mixed with an array of other influences, western or not. Their highly original take on world music has been released on limited edition cassettes that sell out instantly.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Party Treats!

Andy Stott - Cracked
Hoodie x Corrupted Data - Djoek Anthem (Neki Stranac rmx)
Patric Catani - You Like It Like That Hero Mashup
Dj Comrade x Vini - Vai Twerk rmx
Estrellas de la Kumbia - Camino a Colombia (Uproot Andy rmx)
Mahendra Kapoor & Suresh Wadekar - Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Uproot Andy rmx)
Drvg Cvltvre vs Chris Moss - Acid Flash
Diplo - Biggie Bounce (TWRK rmx)
Konx-Om-Pax - Discount House
Munchi - Despaparecido
Schlachthofbronx vs La Muerta - Backup Run
Stereotyp - Dancing Machine
Poirier ft. Face-T - Enemies (Machinedrum rmx)
Diplo & Douster - ON!
Tropkillaz - Bugg Dat A$$
Vass - Drop That Acid
Skanx - Jam Rock
Dj Sliink - Shake Dat Ass
TNGHT - Gooo (Mr. Carmack rmx)
UZ - Trap Shit V15
Tinie Tempah - Trampoline (Mr. Carmack x Mikos mix)
Cea ft. Bronko Yotto - 2011 (Daniel Klauser rmx)
Mediopicky - Fuck This Fuck That

Monday, October 28, 2013

UK Shows (Oxford & London) - Halloween weekend

On Saturday 2nd of November Gonzo & myself will be heading to Oxford to perform at ANOTHER US at Grove House Rotunda. "An event in a comfortable, friendly and unique space, with a focus on original live performance". We'll be doing a LIVE improvised audiovisual, multi-layered set. There will be cakes, soup and hot drinks.. Bring your own alcohol ;)

The next day, Sunday November 3rd Discrepant & JP Music present a very rare appearance by Filastine in London!
Filastine uses percussion to fire off sounds and synchronized video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart. The new live set for the £00T tour uses a custom software to pull off some deep AV madness, and sees Filastine expanded to tour as a duo or trio, joined onstage by Indonesian vocalist Nova or one of the collaborating cellists from the album. Benefit gig for grass roots orgs.

Support comes from another very special rare appearance from the duo Gonzo & Lowdjo performing part 2 of their celebrated cassette releases خشة
Gonzo & Lowdjo are a live/dj/audio visual duo whose performance aims to deconstruct the rigid structure of folk and world music. By pinpoiting music styles from all over the world Gonzo & Lowdjo create an ingenious mishmash of (un)popular music mixed with an array of other influences, western or not. Their highly original take on world music has been released on limited edition cassettes that sell out instantly. 

I'm super excited about our new tape releases on Discrepant. Gonzo delivers an original Dabke-tape while Lowdjo explores the recent tendencies in Chaabi music.

All this is happening on November 3rd at the Lexington in London. The new double cassette-release will be for sale at both events. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby / Kids Tapes

After years of spinning tunes for the kids on the infamous Disco Kids parties in Brussels, happening on Sunday afternoons. I finally got round to making a decent recording with quite some tracks I played from 2006 until 2013. The result is a 130 minutes, high quality tape with a 'Baby Mix' on Side A & a 'Kids Mix' on Side B, recorded on rustic orange tapes with original, unique artwork by Frank Van Heesvelde. Initial copies come in aqua blue cases.

There will be no digital available but if you want to hear a preview, I'll be mixing some of these tracks featured on the tape, tomorrow on Radio Campus Bruxelles (92.1 FM or online streaming).. at 17h!!

If you want to order yourself a copy, get in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or simply through email: lowdjo//at//gmail//dot//com 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sjieke Dinges - Ketnet

I advice everyone to watch TV tonight. A little while ago I made a library of tracks that are used for editing a new kids show on Ketnet, on national Belgian TV. 

The show is called 'Sjieke Dinges' and is about young artists developing their creative skills. 

Watch the first episode, right HERE 

If you follow what I do or listen to some of my mixes you'll definitely recognize some of the tracks used in this show..

Make sure your kids tune in ;)

Big shoutout to Jan Van De Velde for getting me involved!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Made In Belgium - Kunstencentrum Vooruit - Sun. 6th of October

The Comphusion crew will be selling some merch at Vooruit today. We'll bring some new tapes that were only available on International Cassette Store Day before.. there will be some great shows and LEFTO's radio show live from Kunstencentrum Vooruit, made possible by Red Bull Music Academy & DEMOCRAZY. Head over coz all this is for FREE! Start: 18h

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fri. 4th of October: Dj Bylamplight (Chicago - US) + Lowdjo @ Le Café Central

We have our good friend, Dj Bylamplight, over from Chicago. I'll be djing with him allnight at Le Café Central

One thing's for sure.. there will be funk!! ..and loads of 45s

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cassette Store Day - 7th of September 2013

This Saturday, the 7th of September is the official Cassette Store Day, worldwide. We're excited that Comphusion, Cyclone Records & Wool-e-Shop are joining hands and will be the only ones participing in Belgium! (shame on you, Brussels music scene)

From 14h until 21h mi bredrin Ancient Delay & yours truly will be selling tapes over at Cyclone Records (Gentbrugge), with a couple of fresh releases on our label we're really excited about. We cleaned out our HQ and found some blank tapes so we'll also have a few tapes from our backcatalogue for sale that were sold out before, so come early! I'll also bring some tapes of my own or other projects especially for this occassion, so plenty of new music for sale!

Tonight we'll be doing a short interview and playing tracks straight from tape on Studio Brussels' SELECT-radioshow, so make sure you tune in and don't drop out! We'll be on around 21h Central European Time. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sat. 31.08 Graffiti Jam - Gentbrugge

Time to play some beats, it's been a long time.. afternoon set while some of the best Belgian graffers will brighten up the neighbourhood. I'm on around 17h..

Organised by Graffiti VZW

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Clandestino Festival - Gothenburg, Sweden - 27th & 28th of July

I'll be playing records for the first time in Sweden! On Saturday the 27th & Sunday 28th Clandestino Institut is organising the Summer Edition of this year's Clandestino Festival in Gothenburg. 

Proud to be on the line-up with A LOT of interesting musicians: 

I'll be doing two separate sets.. A Thai only set outdoors, early on the 27th..
Second set will be to close the night (inside) with a full-on-bass-heavy-party-set!! loads of new tunes in the bag I'll be playing out for the first time together with some hard hitting classics, that should do the job ;)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comphusion / Cyclone Records at The Gentse Feesten - Sunday the 21st of July

On Belgian's Independance Day, the 21st of July I'll be deejaying an all vinyl-set over at the Gentse Feesten, venue Be.Arty.

Might be combining records, buddha machines & tape loops, together with my buddy Ancient Delay who runs Cyclone Records.

The event starts around 22h and finishes early morning.. 6am.

Other artists on the line-up: Create-UR-Somnia, Slario, Monorf, Enkidu & D'Naab136

Come out and celebrate the Belgian Kingdom and it's new King Flipke ;-)


Monday, July 1, 2013

ITB Tape 003 Release Night - 12th of July

On the 12th of July Inside The Box celebrates their 30th mix on their blog with a special party in Le Café Central for the release of the 3rd ITB Tape! If you haven't got the other two tapes get in touch because we're running low, very low on stock! 

Inside The Box's inviting Dom Thomas for a wicked night in the centre of Brussels filled with sounds you never heard before, in support we have Il Pastore & El Queso, Dj Umbrelladelika & yours truly, make sure you mark the date!

As a founding director of vintage vinyl archeology team Finders Keepers and cross-continental club night B-Music, Dom Thomas has travelled the world twice over supplying Psych-starved mods, b-boys and misfits throughout the world with his unique brand of unidentifiable cosmic slop. An ardent, assiduous B-Music crusader - whose love of obscure, obsolete, deleted and delectable experimental vintage Pop music and graphic design has sparked a vibrant record-stall, dancefloor and sub-cultural uprising, this Manchester beat-freak spearheads an infectious, impetuous campaign that champions long-forgotten way-out sounds…

It's also Dom Thomas' first show in Brussels!

Il Pastore & El Queso

Sunday, June 23, 2013

10th Anniversary Picturetank - Paris - 27th of June

 Thursday the 27th of June I'll be doing a 6 HOUR SET in Paris on the Seine!!!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Picturetank over at Petit Bain

Qu'est-ce qui relie Petit Bain et Picturetank ? La joie de vivre ? La transversalité artistique ? Le partage culturel ? Oui tout cela bien sur, mais également le choix de travailler en coopérative : le lieu culturel Petit Bain et l'agence photographique Picturetank sont des SCIC ou Sociétés Coopératives d'Intérêt Collectif. Une profession de foi au quotidien en faveur d'une refondation sociale des échanges. Picturetank s'installe sur Petit Bain le temps d'une soirée pour fêter comme il se doit ses 10 ans ! Tout au long de la soirée l'agence de photographes propose projections, musique, Électrochoc et performances photographiques.

"PETIT TANK", soirée légère
Projections, interventions, chants marins & menus plaisirs

19h > 2h / entrée libre
Terrasse et restaurant

Petitit Bain
7 Port de la Gare
75013 Paris

Au pied de la BnF, à côté de la Piscine Joséphine Baker

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lowdjo's Dub Box - ITB029

The sun's finally out, feels a little bit like summer so I thought it's time to drop my 'Dub Box' and unleash into the world.. Lots of my favorites I've been playing out on summer festivals the last few years.. this is a selection without trying to be complete in any way, coz this would take a mix that takes me for about four to five hours and even then I would never be complete.. even forgot my favorite Horace Andy tracks... so anyways.. It's all about the music, Jamaican-style mixing what means not really mixing at all ;-) .. Drunk a lot of that Appleton Rum my bredrin Antz imported from Jamaica.. so there you go.. first take.

Here's a small selection to the kind of dubby tracks I love listening to, always during summer while preparing cocktails, drinking Jamaican rum or having a BBQ. Play this when you're having good times..

I hope you're doing the same while listening to this, so just sit back and relax... skin up or whatever relaxes you.. and enjoy!


Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Black Panta
Tappa Zukie, Revolutionaries - Cool This Dub
The Heptones - Cool Rasta
Scientist - Meteorite
Qaballah Steppers - Majesty Dub
Scientist & Jammy & The Roots Radics - Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker
Winston Riley - Stalag
Scientist - Galaxy
Linval Thompson - Dread Are The Controller
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
Scientist - Invaders
Crooklyn Dub International - Ph Neutre
Spectre - My Dub Weighs A Ton
David Jahson - Kings of Kings Dub
Bill Laswell & Style Scott - Crooklyn Dub Syndicate
Tapes - Atomica Rydim
King Tubby - Fat Thing Version
Lenky & Sly - Now Thing
Alpendub - Boch Oi
Disrupt - Events Occur in Realtime
Mungo's HI FI ft. Skweeka Mouse - Di Cheeses (Dutty Diseases Riddim)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rough Americana + My Cat Is An Alien + Sebcat & Lowdjo

This Friday, 31st of May experimental concert evening at Recyclart with trancedental drones, rough guitar sounds and Pan-Afrabic immigrant spheres...

SebCat (Gonzo Circus) & yours truly (representing Discrepant) will be playing experimental records in support of Rough Americana & My Cat Is An Alien, entry only 5 euros! 20h30 ---> 01h

My Cat Is An Alien (21h > 21h45) is the musical brainchild of Italian brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, whose sound is packed with many forms of experimentalia. At the end of last year, they suddenly changed their approach to focus on self-made snare instruments  and dissected electronic devices to give their musical universe a new sound. This new beginning has been documented on the double LP ‘Art Is A Tear Of Noise And Infinite Silence’, released on Discrepant records in october 2012. This will be their first Belgian show with this new sound.

Rough Americana (22h > 22h45) is the fertile collaboration between the couple Morgan Craft and Giulia Lolli (DJ Mutamassik) and sometimes their 9 year old son Meroe. This duo plays an array of rough improvised styles of modern times. The ‘Afro-American Viking’ Craft and the Italo-Egyptian roots of Mutamassik will supply musical influences from Memphis, Tennessee to Memphis, Egypt. Mutamassik is one of the pioneers of the Sa’aidi hardcore sound and expert in what she calls ‘Pan-Afrabic Immigrant sounds’. From her speakers she will fire afro-mediterranian hiphop as well as baladi breakbeats, brotherly next to more noisy and drone-like collages from her husband. Both worked with musical personalities such as Marc Ribot, Butch Morris, Ikue Mori, Hamid Drake and Kaffe Matthews and take their own unique place within the contemporary musical landscape.

FB-event /// Recyclart page

Come early if you want to catch me doing some 'collage-style' mixing..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Embrace The Darkness

It's been 5 months since I dropped a fresh mix on Soundcloud.. so this one is worth the waiting, that's a promise! 

Featuring: 72 Soul, Patric Catani (forthcoming), Die Antwoord, Dub Gabriel ft. Juakali, Drvg Cvltvre, IL.EK.TRO, a few Unknown HATE-releases, Zomby, Flosstradamus & Dj Sliink, Matt Shadetek, Fatima Al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu, Vatican Shadow, Clubroot, Lee Gamble, Powell, & Brion Gysin. 

I've been enjoying a lot of these tracks during last winter, hence the title.. 

Hope you all dig, HIIIIIIIIIITTT ITTTT!!!
Embrace The Darkness by Lowdjo

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Feest Zonder Naam / Graffiti-Jam - Tubel Squat

Tomorrow I'll be dropping some tunes over at the Tubel Squat in Gent(brugge) in support of the Comphusion-crew who's responsible for the music ALL DAY (10 am -> 10pm)

I'll be behind the wheels of steel early! (13h -> 15h) so make sure you're out of bed if you went out on saturday.. 

Loads of stuff going on, you can read all about it on the FB-event-page

If you're looking for a specific adress, get in touch: lowdjo°°at°°gmail°°dot°°com

hope to see some familiar faces, what else is happening on a sunday afternoon? 

It doesn't get any better then this ;-)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Comphusion Release Night!!! 29th of March - Recyclart

A couple of months ago I said the second coming had begun, so I'm happy to announce that Comphusion is not only releasing tapes, we're also dropping the first wax on the 29th of March.. To mark our entrance in in the world of vinyl we're releasing a DOUBLE ALBUM from 6Blocc aka R.A.W aka Skanx and a 45-SINGLE from DJ K + a BREAKBEAT-CASSETTE from Dj K. All this on our label-night over at Recyclart in Brussels. 


The collaboration between the two founders of Comphusion: Ancient Delay & Dj SickSickSick’s joint project. Starting from improvisation with the four generations of Buddha-machines then slowly adding different layers of carefully chosen frequencies to the mix.  They create a powerful psychedelic collage of dark, ambient soundscapes. Recently started to expand their sounds with heavy distorted drums and percussion.

FIRE AT WORK - LIVE (Rome, Italy)

Fire at work is an experimental/electronic music duo founded in Rome on 1999 by Fabrizio Rossi and Fabio Recchia. They started releasing in 2001 on Idroscalo Digitale, soon other labels followed (Cavage, Scene Missing, Synapsivinile, Chairwarmer, Bias Japan). In 2003 they started their own label called STIRPE999.They are now sharing releases with Venetian Snares, Somatic Respones, D’Arcangelo and Marco Passarani.
They toured in France; UK ; Germany; Belgium ; Austria, Ceck Rep.; Japan; Colombia and Mexico. Since this year they are collaborating with Italian Consolate in Germany, MIKZ in Berlin and Comphusion in Belgium.


R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC is known for his relentless techniques behind the wheels of steel. Getting his start back in 1985, this dj is no amateur when it comes to tuntablizm. He was already battling local djs in Los Angeles before the modern dj culture was even created. R.A.W. began playing at major raves and underground events throughout the west coast around 1988. His sound at the time was a blend of jungle, hiphop, turntablizm and hardcore sounds which made him an instant draw in the underground scene. By the mid-90′s R.A.W. was traveling all over the world rocking crowds with his signature sound of urban jungle choonz and b-boy turntable tactics. His discography has reached over 50 vinyl releases and a plethora of mixtape / mix-cd releases that sell out throughout the year. By 2007 R.A.W reinvents himself as 6BLOCC. When he isn’t on the road or in the air flying to various clubs and events throught out the world, he is managing his digi-label DIGITAL 6 and knocking out dubstep remixes and originals. Skanx is the latest musical project by this bass music veteran.Skanx began production on 140 jungle / J-tek tunes and quickly made noise through his SoundCloud via free downloads of classic jungle / rave tracks. The resurrected junglist is here to bring the jungle back to life with his signature rudeboy bass,
streetwise riddims and hip hop / ragga influences.
We are very proud to have him releasing, for the very first time, as R.A.W. vs 6BLOCC vs SKANX, pressed on a limited double vinyl album for Comphusion Records.

DJ K (Ottawa, Canada)

DJ K is a Newschool Jungle DJ & Producer. He has been prolific in the jungle / drum & bass scene since 1999 starting in Canada and North America and has been touring Europe since 2008. DJ K became famous from releases in the early millenium on N2O and Big Cat Records and later on other labels, as well as over 100 unreleased tracks played only at live shows. KILLA RECORDS is DJ K’s record label featuring his own style of Jungle, aggressive basslines, quick cuts, sudden drops and centered amen anthems with and without ragga vocals. Specially for the Junglist Survival Tour with R.A.W. Comphusion presents a his first limited 7″ and a mixtape (yes, on cassette!), available for the first time on this night in Recyclart.


Dr. Green Cheese who explores the contemporary ‘futuristic bass’ will join the decks with Wasted Matter with a blasting set of dancefloor madness filled with hiphop, dubstep, breakcore, IDM and glitchcore. Chopped, mixed and chained through effects for maximum impact.


Acid Kirk his real name is Cédric Stevens. He is considered as one of the most talented artists (both producer and DJ) from the Brussels underground techno scene. Since 2004 mainly into (making) noise and avant-garde productions. Between 1993 and 1997 he produced over a dozen records and regularly performed at most of the clubs and dance events like Fuse, Rave Explosion, Cherry Moon. He was also frequently booked to play abroad in a number of the world’s major cities – New York, Melbourne, Paris (Rex Club), Rome, Vienna, Berlin (Love Parade) and Amsterdam (Melkweg) – often sharing the bill with many of the biggest international DJs. In 1997, driven by his growing interest in free jazz, alternative, psychedelic ambient and experimental music - and the avant-garde in general – he co-founded Elf Cut records and assumed the role of art director for the label. He also launched his new project: “The Syncopated Elevators Legacy” (S.E.L.), with which he would go on to explore fresh sonic horizons. Cédric recently dusted off his Acid Kirk alter ego to reprise his experiments in the progressive acid techno domain and – for the next couple of years at least – has be DJing at various events. A new EP titled “Out of the Blew” was released in January 2010, co-released by the labels First Cask and Wémé. This time we get spoiled, for the very fist time in years, with a live acid/braindance set! Not to miss!


Mr. Gasmask got hooked on acid around 1995 and joined the Christmas Kitchen Lab.
His uncontrolled 303 abuse brought about an addiction to sour beats and he worked his ass off for that squelchy sound since 1999 at which time he teamed up with Sid.A as Emetic. Quality time with Arkanoid resulted into the launch of Binary Bassline Records in 2002. Alliances with Ege Bam Yasi, Dr. Fernando, Woody McBride, Mike Dred, Citric Acid lead to even worse acid abuse and Binary Bassline went into hibernation as Mr. Gasmask went into a live-show overdose. Rehab followed through releases on various labels. This caused an addiction relapse by more live-show abuse and the birth of Protocol records as a form of mental therapy. In 2013 Comphusion and Protocol are joining forces. Therefore we invited the Master himself to finish the night in style.
On this event we will present the first wax! Check the VINYL section of the site!
Pre-orders get a nice reduction when purchasing the records before release date!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Discrepant Presents... The Trilogy Tapes - 8th of March

Discrepant is coming down to the Belgian capital for the launch of their new trilogy of ethnic distorted K7s from Morocco, India, Japan & Mexico...

Gonzo & Lowdjo will be performing the tapes in one fluid take, throughout the night creating a dizzying sensory trip through our globe’s weird musical heritage with spontaneous live interventions by Cédric ‘Acid Kirk’ Stevens.

... AND...



About the artists:

Gonzo (PT/UK)
Assembling, dj style, the ludicrous with the ambiguous… A collage freak for the 21st century… Sourcing sounds from all over … vintage K7s, spoken word CDs, dusty LPs as well as a fair dose of youtube ransacking with some of his very own dustbin compositions.

Lowdjo (BE)
Lowdjo imposes his octopus-like musical tastes on the turntables, making him one the most eclectic dj’s in Belgium. He takes you on a journey with his ethnic beats extravaganza, laced together with a tantalizing mix of contemporary electronics.

Cedric Stevens (BE)
Cédric Stevens' career began in 93 as a DJ and techno producer under the pseudonym "Acid Kirk". He quickly established himself as a pivotal figure in the Belgian underground, producing over a dozen 12’’ and EPs. In 97, driven by his growing interest in experimental music, he launched his side project: "The Syncopated Elevators Legacy" (S.E.L.). From experiments in electric currents and serpent patching (Siamese Level EP) to his own take on ‘musique concrete’ (Still Between the Battle & the Sheet EP) S.E.L.’s sound never ceased to investigate the most improbable sound sources as compositional tools. Just fresh of re-releasing an acclaimed anthology of his past work with remixes from Fennesz, My Cat Is An Alien, Burning Star Core and more, Cédric is now focusing his energies on the full potential and dynamic harmonies between drone, noise and pastoral ambient.

It's not only FREE but there will be FREE mint tea, FREE Indian snacks and FREE TEQUILA!!!

If Brussels doesn't come out for this, I won't be coming out and spoil Brussels anymore!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comphusion in Worm - Rotterdam Feb. 23th

My buddy Ancient Delay and myself will be doing an experimental set @ DIY Festival #5 in Worm, Rotterdam.. Time to get those buddha machines ready!

We'll probably do a LIVE vs DJ-set.. we're on early (between 22h and midnight) so you can hit the shop, have an exotic snack and we'll drone you in the mood ;-)

It seems like we're only mentioned on my least favorite of all social media, HERE

Start: 12:00 End 05:00

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sabotage - Zebra / Bxl Sat. 18th of February

SABOTAGE offers shelter to alternative souls, homeless in the Brussels’ scene. Limitless eclecticism selected by The Great Macarra (aka RR) mixing hip-hop, trip-hop, indie, rock, nu-folk, slow-core and electro for the new monthly event at Zebra Bar.

This Saturday DJ Lowdjo (CEO of inside-the-box) will open the set with a mix of intelligent hip hop and abstract beats.

"I’m really looking forward because this time I’ll be playing alongside DJ Lowdjo. You may be asking yourself why this excitement ? well If you ask me, he’s one of the top 10 Brussels-based DJs, besides I wanted to do something with him for a while. We came across when I recorded my mixtape for"

Well I'm really curious about those other 9 djs ;-)

Haven't decided what I'm gonna play at this moment.. might be some future screw, trill & trap and a whole other bunch of weird music... stay updated through my twitter..

..hopefully I'll see some familiar faces...

Monday, February 4, 2013


Pythagoreans believed that harmonic ratios gave music powers of healing which could "harmonize" an out-of-balance body

We head back for JH Den Kelder, please join us on 7 february for another session filled with drone noises, ambient, experiments and far beyond! We are walking a more diverse path this time:

DJ behind the wheels of steel for Fun-da-mental, comes to the spot with a molotov in one hand and
a sweet-smelling something in the other, a bag loaded with musical stories and histories from every corner, regardless of tempo, style, genre, fashion. Here, traditional music takes electronica and blues for a two-step among the jungle of a dancehall. Bass notes sending out punk war cries and truth.

Noise/Drone/Avant-Metal/Psychedelic Free Out Rock or Futuristic Discombobulated Experimental Jazz, or how metal will sound in the year 3000.

Hardware triggered escapism that sounds like two croque monsieurs lost in a forest at night without a flashlight, and old memories of bears chanting swamp mantras around a campfire with blue and green flames. Or maybe it just sounds like asthma, creeping up on you on an interstellar Sunday morning. Our homeboy Niels, CEO of the KERM crew. For the first time ever mixing live material with vinyl!!

Feather and beast and razor. Sonic poetry.

They create a powerful psychedelic collage of dark, ambient soundscapes. Recently started to expand their sounds with heavy distorted drums and percussion.

Free event!
+new free posters
+cymatic visuals
+shop with fresh Tapes, Tees & Discrepant vinyls
+more surprises when you come over!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marcel et Brigitte 02.02.2013 - Les Brigitinnes

Time to come out of my dungeon and drop it.. over at Les Brigittines.. This party goes on till dawn! 

I'm on past bedtime ;-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

CPH001 & CPH002 Review in Gonzo Circus

Unfortunately these are sold out.. We have a handful of copies we only sell at shows.
Me might re-issue since the big demand ;-)

for now, there's still some other cassettes available in the Comphusion-shop