Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comphusion in Worm - Rotterdam Feb. 23th

My buddy Ancient Delay and myself will be doing an experimental set @ DIY Festival #5 in Worm, Rotterdam.. Time to get those buddha machines ready!

We'll probably do a LIVE vs DJ-set.. we're on early (between 22h and midnight) so you can hit the shop, have an exotic snack and we'll drone you in the mood ;-)

It seems like we're only mentioned on my least favorite of all social media, HERE

Start: 12:00 End 05:00

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sabotage - Zebra / Bxl Sat. 18th of February

SABOTAGE offers shelter to alternative souls, homeless in the Brussels’ scene. Limitless eclecticism selected by The Great Macarra (aka RR) mixing hip-hop, trip-hop, indie, rock, nu-folk, slow-core and electro for the new monthly event at Zebra Bar.

This Saturday DJ Lowdjo (CEO of inside-the-box) will open the set with a mix of intelligent hip hop and abstract beats.

"I’m really looking forward because this time I’ll be playing alongside DJ Lowdjo. You may be asking yourself why this excitement ? well If you ask me, he’s one of the top 10 Brussels-based DJs, besides I wanted to do something with him for a while. We came across when I recorded my mixtape for"

Well I'm really curious about those other 9 djs ;-)

Haven't decided what I'm gonna play at this moment.. might be some future screw, trill & trap and a whole other bunch of weird music... stay updated through my twitter..

..hopefully I'll see some familiar faces...

Monday, February 4, 2013


Pythagoreans believed that harmonic ratios gave music powers of healing which could "harmonize" an out-of-balance body

We head back for JH Den Kelder, please join us on 7 february for another session filled with drone noises, ambient, experiments and far beyond! We are walking a more diverse path this time:

DJ behind the wheels of steel for Fun-da-mental, comes to the spot with a molotov in one hand and
a sweet-smelling something in the other, a bag loaded with musical stories and histories from every corner, regardless of tempo, style, genre, fashion. Here, traditional music takes electronica and blues for a two-step among the jungle of a dancehall. Bass notes sending out punk war cries and truth.

Noise/Drone/Avant-Metal/Psychedelic Free Out Rock or Futuristic Discombobulated Experimental Jazz, or how metal will sound in the year 3000.

Hardware triggered escapism that sounds like two croque monsieurs lost in a forest at night without a flashlight, and old memories of bears chanting swamp mantras around a campfire with blue and green flames. Or maybe it just sounds like asthma, creeping up on you on an interstellar Sunday morning. Our homeboy Niels, CEO of the KERM crew. For the first time ever mixing live material with vinyl!!

Feather and beast and razor. Sonic poetry.

They create a powerful psychedelic collage of dark, ambient soundscapes. Recently started to expand their sounds with heavy distorted drums and percussion.

Free event!
+new free posters
+cymatic visuals
+shop with fresh Tapes, Tees & Discrepant vinyls
+more surprises when you come over!!