Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sabotage - Zebra / Bxl Sat. 18th of February

SABOTAGE offers shelter to alternative souls, homeless in the Brussels’ scene. Limitless eclecticism selected by The Great Macarra (aka RR) mixing hip-hop, trip-hop, indie, rock, nu-folk, slow-core and electro for the new monthly event at Zebra Bar.

This Saturday DJ Lowdjo (CEO of inside-the-box) will open the set with a mix of intelligent hip hop and abstract beats.

"I’m really looking forward because this time I’ll be playing alongside DJ Lowdjo. You may be asking yourself why this excitement ? well If you ask me, he’s one of the top 10 Brussels-based DJs, besides I wanted to do something with him for a while. We came across when I recorded my mixtape for"

Well I'm really curious about those other 9 djs ;-)

Haven't decided what I'm gonna play at this moment.. might be some future screw, trill & trap and a whole other bunch of weird music... stay updated through my twitter..

..hopefully I'll see some familiar faces...

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