Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rough Americana + My Cat Is An Alien + Sebcat & Lowdjo

This Friday, 31st of May experimental concert evening at Recyclart with trancedental drones, rough guitar sounds and Pan-Afrabic immigrant spheres...

SebCat (Gonzo Circus) & yours truly (representing Discrepant) will be playing experimental records in support of Rough Americana & My Cat Is An Alien, entry only 5 euros! 20h30 ---> 01h

My Cat Is An Alien (21h > 21h45) is the musical brainchild of Italian brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, whose sound is packed with many forms of experimentalia. At the end of last year, they suddenly changed their approach to focus on self-made snare instruments  and dissected electronic devices to give their musical universe a new sound. This new beginning has been documented on the double LP ‘Art Is A Tear Of Noise And Infinite Silence’, released on Discrepant records in october 2012. This will be their first Belgian show with this new sound.

Rough Americana (22h > 22h45) is the fertile collaboration between the couple Morgan Craft and Giulia Lolli (DJ Mutamassik) and sometimes their 9 year old son Meroe. This duo plays an array of rough improvised styles of modern times. The ‘Afro-American Viking’ Craft and the Italo-Egyptian roots of Mutamassik will supply musical influences from Memphis, Tennessee to Memphis, Egypt. Mutamassik is one of the pioneers of the Sa’aidi hardcore sound and expert in what she calls ‘Pan-Afrabic Immigrant sounds’. From her speakers she will fire afro-mediterranian hiphop as well as baladi breakbeats, brotherly next to more noisy and drone-like collages from her husband. Both worked with musical personalities such as Marc Ribot, Butch Morris, Ikue Mori, Hamid Drake and Kaffe Matthews and take their own unique place within the contemporary musical landscape.

FB-event /// Recyclart page

Come early if you want to catch me doing some 'collage-style' mixing..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Embrace The Darkness

It's been 5 months since I dropped a fresh mix on Soundcloud.. so this one is worth the waiting, that's a promise! 

Featuring: 72 Soul, Patric Catani (forthcoming), Die Antwoord, Dub Gabriel ft. Juakali, Drvg Cvltvre, IL.EK.TRO, a few Unknown HATE-releases, Zomby, Flosstradamus & Dj Sliink, Matt Shadetek, Fatima Al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu, Vatican Shadow, Clubroot, Lee Gamble, Powell, & Brion Gysin. 

I've been enjoying a lot of these tracks during last winter, hence the title.. 

Hope you all dig, HIIIIIIIIIITTT ITTTT!!!
Embrace The Darkness by Lowdjo

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Feest Zonder Naam / Graffiti-Jam - Tubel Squat

Tomorrow I'll be dropping some tunes over at the Tubel Squat in Gent(brugge) in support of the Comphusion-crew who's responsible for the music ALL DAY (10 am -> 10pm)

I'll be behind the wheels of steel early! (13h -> 15h) so make sure you're out of bed if you went out on saturday.. 

Loads of stuff going on, you can read all about it on the FB-event-page

If you're looking for a specific adress, get in touch: lowdjo°°at°°gmail°°dot°°com

hope to see some familiar faces, what else is happening on a sunday afternoon? 

It doesn't get any better then this ;-)