Sunday, December 8, 2013

Noises Part II Gonzo & Lowdjo - Out Now on Discrepant

Following on their success with the first Noise(s) trilogy, Gonzo and Lowdjo return to the tape format to further delve and twist into the less known musical genres of our planet.
Part 2 of the NOISE(S) series sees the djs explore the booming world of Dabke and Chaabi by using on location field recordings, street CDrs, old cassettes, unreleased compositions and impromptu experiments.

The tapes are SOLD OUT in the UK but I still have a some copies lying around, so get in touch if you want some!!

CREPTP08 Dabke Noise(s) by Gonzo
Non-stop 40mins romp through re-arranged Dabke loops. All material was sourced from field recordings and CDrs purchased in the northern regions of Jordan.
Tape art made of cave paintings from the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

CREPTP09 Chaabi Noise(s) by Lowdjo
One long 90mins burst of revolutionary Chaabi from Morocco and Egypt. Future arabic synth & electro boogie straight from the Cairo.

The release is presented and sold as one bundle of 2xK7s with 130 mins of continuous music across 4 sides. 50 copies

DISCLAIMER: These tapes are a collage mix of several artists and original compositions from the middle east and North African regions. Samples are used from 3mins to 3 secs in an experimental mixtape fashion. To have an exhaustive tracklist of every artist used would be impossible as a lot of the material was sourced, unmarked, in local markets. All sales aim to cover production costs and to be re-invested into the label's activities.

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