Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Contrebande Show - Radio Panik

Last monday Foton members Antz & Lowdjo presented the upcoming Foamtones event on Radio Panik in Snooba's excellent radioshow, Contrebande.

In case you missed it, you can stream it below..

We've got a bunch of other radioshows coming up in the next two weeks: 

Sunday 19th of April - Urgent / Icarus - 21h

Monday 20th of April - Radio Panik / Jardin Publik - 18h

Tuesday 21st of April - FM Brussel / Onda Sonora - 21h

Wednesday 22nd of April - Radio Campus / Campus Info - 17h

we'll be preparing different sets for each radioshow who represent the Foton & Foam ambiance.. so tune in!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FO[am]TOnes Promom!x

As some of you might have seen online we're doing a special event on the 25th of April. Foton, Foam & Beursschouwburg join hands for a special fo[am]tones-birthday-edition, celebrating 50 years of Beursschouwburg, 15 years of Foam & 15 years of Foton

It's been about 10 years since the last FOtones in Brussels so I hope you are as excited as we are :) I'll do another post on the event soon but for now you can check this page on the Foam labyrinth

There's also a Facebook-event-page with a lot of music, videos, links to all the artists.. join us there if you want to keep informed. 

For now, I'll leave you with the promom!x I did for a sneak audio-preview, enjoy!


Angel - Naked Land
Mahadev Cometo & Matt B (live excerpt)
Lophorina - Drums
Filastine - No Step
6SISS - Gaja Beat
Mutamassik - Rhythms Rattle on Death Pawns
Filastine ft. Rabah - Batalha Cotidiana (Maga Bo rmx of B’Talla)
6SISS - Twelve Blue
Laibach - The Whistleblowers (Diamond Version dmx)
Lophorina - Vorfreude
Peter Van Hoesen - Shadow Ground
Peter Van Hoesen - Swerve Damiao
Peter Van Hoesen - Situation Two
Lophorina - Show Off
Mahadev Cometo - Sous-sol Short 3 (live excerpt)
Lophorina - The New Deal
Schneider TM - Elefantenhaut
Angel - Out
Filastine - They Move Like Somnambulists